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Arcade Novelties - online Pinball and Classic Video Game themed merchandise for sale (clocks, T-shirts, mugs, and more).
Clay's Site - a good place to review restorations including many pictures and excellent descriptions.
Faces of RGP - Steve Kulpa's site showing many of the "faces" of RGP contributors.  I'm Stevebo on RGP.
Flyer Reference - a great site for viewing game flyers and following trends in game manufacturing. I love this site.
Great Plains Electronics - Ed's site for ordering most electronic parts for your Pinball game.
Internet Pinball Database - find a lot of info on any Pinball game ever made. I visit their site just about every day of the week.
Instruction/Price Card Downloads - Peter's site for downloading many game cards.
Jersey Jack Pinball - Jersey Jack is now a Pinball game creator of fine games.
Mr. Pinball Classified - go here to view games and parts for sale.  An excellent place to get an idea of what your game may be worth.
Pinball Collector Register - the place to go to view collector information. Lots of valuable info.
PinGame Journal - Jim's site where you can buy a subscription to my favorite Pinball magazine.
Planetary Pinball Supply - These are the folks that bought the rights to Williams/Bally where you can buy parts.
Restoration DVDs and tapes - Shaggy and Norm's restoration videos.
Stern Pinball - One of the last manufacturers of Pinball games today.
Talk Pinball - Silverball Podcast - Rob and Steve's Internet talk show covering a variety of Pinball-related topics.
Talk Pinball - TOPCast - Shaggy and Norm's Internet talk show covering a variety of Pinball-related topics.
Talk Pinball - Talk Pinball webcast for Pinball discussions.

Pinball Parts
Action Pinball - Ray Johnson's site for buying Pinball parts.
Bay Area Amusements - website for buying many Pinball parts online.
For Amusement Only - Dave Mercer's site for buying Pinball parts.
Marco Specialties - Marco's site to buy many Pinball parts online.
Pinball Life - Terry's excellent site for buying Pinball parts online.
Pinball Resource - Steve Young's site for buying Pinball parts (especially Gottlieb).
Pinrestore - Scot Bogart's site for buying Pin-related parts with top service.
Pinball Protectors - Cliffy's site for buying Pinball protectors to protect your playfield.
Tilt Amusements - Trent's site for buying Pinball parts as well as new games at a great price.


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A-1 Freeman North American & STI  -  Do you need to ship a Pinball game?  If you bought one that needs to be shipped to you, or you need to ship a game to someone else, look no further.  Call 888-662-6261 and arrange to have your game shipped via the A-1 Freeman North American & STI folks.  They have a history of shipping many arcade items, so they are familiar with what it takes to ship your game at a reasonable price, while ensuring it arrives in a timely manner.

aaarpinball  -  This is Altan's site where he displays the various games he owns beginning with a view of game backglasses that you use as a launch point to learn more.  Once you click on a backglass, you move to a view of the game with a history discussion and lots of information around game tweaks and repairs he's done for each game.  He lists the problems he had with each game, and in some cases, the restoration efforts he used such as removing mylar, then the solution with detailed pictures to illustrate the points he makes.  If you have a problem with your own game and it's one of the game he lists, you may want to check out this site to see if he too encountered the problem and what he did to fix it.  Informative and well laid out.

Action Pinball & Amusement  -  Visit Ray's site regarding the Pinball and other arcade games as well as game-related parts and service. Ray is a frequent contributor to rec.games.pinball (RGP) providing valuable information to the Pinball community.  His business is known as a top-notch enterprise repairing and restoring games while selling many Pinball-related parts, and the games as well.  This site includes technical articles as well as tips to set up a Pinball game, a buyer's guide, and illustrating the difference between what others call a shop job, and the quality service that Action Pinball provides.  This is a well-made site where you can many of your parts online.  Check it out.

The Addams Family Pinball Machine Page  -  This is Mike Romco's site dedicated to The Addams Family (TAF) Pinball game.  Mike provides quite a bit of useful information regarding TAF such that if you are a fan or need to do maintenance on your game, you should check out his site for very useful information.  Note that although this site is dedicated to TAF, many of his tips can be applied to other games as well.  Mike also has a group discussion board where you can discuss and exchange TAF comments.

Al's Arcade  -  This is Al Warner's fine Pinball site covering Pinball games that he has in his personal collection as well as tech pages, items for sale, and some arcade video games.  He also includes links to some key resource places on the Internet.

Alan's Arcade Pages  - This site has some interesting info featuring Alan's Pinball and arcade games. Be sure and check out his video section where he has a lot of valuable info using quality photography and sound. You will also find a section on how to create a backglass decal which is very interesting. Visit his arcade stuff section to learn many interesting topics related to arcade games which are well written with good photos. I have a Spooks gun game myself and found his video of how the game works to be quite informative. Alan also includes other info that I found to be interesting around photography and manufacturing. This is a site well worth visiting.

Allteksystems Ultimate MPU  -  Need a CPU board to replace a battery damaged Bally or Sterns game?  You may want to check here to see if your game is listed for a CPU Ultimate MPU replacement board.  Saves trying to buy a board from an existing owner.  The Ultimate MPU board handles over 90 different games requiring a DIP switch setting to change the game supported.

All You Can Eat Pinball - Web site for buying Pinball-related products.  You can search by Game or part and then buy the products on-line.  Plastics, coils, manuals, ring sets, Pinball sliders, bulbs and much more can be found at All You Can Eat Pinball.

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Amusement Innovations  -  Keith provides information related to a few of his game modifications for games such as Lord Of The Rings, Indiana Jones, and Guns N' Roses.

Amusement Trader.com  -  This is a site that features lots of categories where you can post ads and auctions (which are free), including pictures and signs, as well as flyers for marketing. There are lots of featured categories that cover many things I didn't even know existed in the world of amusement machines until visiting this well made website.

Arcade@Home  -  Nicely designed site showing a lot of arcade games in a private collection. There are tips for arcade and Pinball collectors, advice, technical information on games as well as other useful articles such as finding games online and offline, advice for getting games at a cheap price, auction info, and how to apply side art to cabinets. Lots of info with many pictures.

ArcadeArchive  -  Mark Clayton's site is very well made and includes lots of game pictures using quality photos as well as System 80 info that includes a 2532 EPROM conversion, game box restoration, and an analysis of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers used for removing ball swirl marks.  He also has game sound files, juke box info, and arcade items he's interested in buying.  Nice photos with detailed info at this site.

ArcadeCab  -  Although my links page is primarily about Pinball games, this is a site by Mike Trello where you can find tons of info related to constructing MAME cabinets and other arcade-related topics. You will find construction details for building a MAME arcade cabinet that when coupled with a computer, can allow you to play virtually all Pinball games created (and video games as well). You will find well-detailed information on how build a cabinet as well as parts that you can buy such as an ultra-trackball control panel and other parts that can help you create your arcade cabinet. The information on this site is extremely valuable when it comes to creating a MAME arcade game.

Arcade History  -  This site features a searchable & comprehensive database which provides a WIP (work in progress) list of known antique & modern arcade games, casino games & coin-operated machines, including arcade video games, pinballs, slot machines, pachislots, pachinkos, bat games, bingos, gun games, bowlers, shuffle alleys, jukeboxes, musical instruments, trade stimulators, fortune tellers, strength testers, kiddie rides, redemption games, allwins, working models, vending machines, pool tables, viewers, shockers, scales & more....

Arcade Overlays  -  Need an overlay for your game's side art or playfield?  Check here first to find some very nice overlays as well as other items such as spinners, decals, and much more.  You'll find backglass art, arcade kits, translites, bezels, drop targets, and before and after pictures illustrating the value of overlays.

Atomic Pinball  -  This is Dennis Book's site for art repair services, custom machines, and games he may have for sale. If you have a flaked backglass that needs to be repaired/replaced, you may want to consider his art repair services. He scans your backglass (unless he already has a scan), corrects the artwork that is missing or flaked, and creates a file that you can take to a printing service to print the frontside of the backglass (the artwork side) plus the backside (the mask layer). Once you get the vinyl printed, there are various techniques you can use to recreate your backglass (such as sandwiching the vinyl between two pieces of glass). Dennis is here in Loveland, Colorado and I've seen some of his work. It looks quite good and is a lot better than putting up with a jacked-up backglass that detracts from your game.

AudiHere.com  -  This site includes links related to key Pinball-related topics.

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Back Alley Creations  -  First of all, this is a beautiful website! Back Alley Creations is comprised of multiple artists that apply their artisitic and fabrication skills to bring interesting items to the public. They do Pinball restorations, add-ons, trophies, and produce some very interesting Pinballs (the actual balls used in a game). I'm not talking about simply producing mirror-finished balls and leaving it at that, I'm talking about some cool Pinballs that can be used in your games, even customized with your own design. For example, they have black Pinballs and even Pinballs with themes such as Safe Cracker where the ball has a dollar sign on it. I'm not privy to their design process, but it looks very interesting. Want a "Web" or "Riddler" ball for your game? No problem. Check out their links for other items they offer such as bean bag boxes and custom body jewelry. Lots of interesting items to view at this site.

Backglasses for sale - Flippers.com  -  This is a link to the backglasses that are for sale at Flippers.com. I added this as a separate link so folks could find the info faster than having to dig through some of my many links. Actually, I built this links page for me, so that's why I added it (I was in the market for a couple of backglasses).

The back room: A page for pinball  -  Visit Lee's website to view how he got started in this great hobby, and then view the various games he lists.  I looked at his game collection and noticed that Lee has nice graphics, an interesting history related to the various games, and better yet, some tips on repairs or restoration where it was done.  Lee has some valuable information at his website, and the top quality pictures makes it even easier to peruse.  Lee is in the Seattle area for those that would like to meet other collectors in the Seattle/BC area.

Balls Of Steel  -  Another excellent site where you can find plastic scans for a variety of games as well as the ability to donate plastic scans if you have them.  You will also find some tips on how to make game plastics where you can apply your newly created plastic scans.

Bally Bingos In Britain  This is Chris's site where he shows his very nice collection of Bingo games. He also sells backglass photo paper with a vinyl print of the masked area including complete instructions for how you can replace a bad or missing backglass. He also has pictures describing a nice restoration and overlays he sells for Bingo playfields. Chris has done some very interesting work and has nice quality pictures of games and products that he sells.

Barry Schiffer's Game Room  -  This site shows Barry's game room pictures (nice game room setup Barry!) as well as the many arcade games and equipment he owns.  Barry also has information regarding games/equipment he is interested in buying in case you are looking for a fellow collector to sell your items.

Bay Area Amusements  -  This site is for purchasing an array of quality Pinball parts and supplies.  You will find quite a selection of parts covering most popular games that can be purchased via online shopping.  Too many items to list since most everything you can think of is available, so check it out.  Large selection at reasonable prices!

BCS Pinball  -  This is another popular site for buying many Pinball parts including LEDs that can be used to replace your incandescent bulbs as well as Pinball games and other parts.

Beercade  -  Bryan's site contains his Pinball collection with a historical description of the games as well as facts about the game, sounds associated with each one, flyers, and pictures.  In some cases he supplies detailed information regarding his restoration effort complete with pictures.  Each game page also includes links to other web pages of interest to give you a complete resource of info for the game.  His associated links are well organized and informative.

Best of Pinball  -  Looking to buy some parts for your Pinball game and you live in Europe? Check out this site for lots of parts that can be ordered online. You don't have to live in Europe to buy the parts of course, but this is a good site for those that do.

BGResto  -  If you want to get your backglass restored or repaired, BGResto may be the place to go. They scan in the existing artwork and use a computer to correct missing/scratched/delaminated artwork. Then the artwork is printed either in its entirety or in sections on the original backglass (or a new glass if doing a complete restoration). Their technique does not use a translite but uses a process to bond to the glass. Visit their page to learn more and view some of the work they've done.

Big Bang Bar Stuff  -  Here's a site that sells some Big Bang Bar themed merchandise.  You can get mugs, bats, hats, and shirts in various colors and sizes with logos of the BBB game.

Big Daddy Enterprises  -  Good site for finding a variety of parts for older games including electronic parts that are used on most Solid State games.  Focus is on Gottlieb and Bally games with Williams to come later.  Covers most electronic parts needed including integrated circuits, fuses, battery holders, Molex pins and connectors, etc.

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BillG's Pinball Home Page  -  Bill has a nice site with information regarding a restoral project for a Williams Space Odyssey. He supplies pictures and step-by-step instructions for what he did to restore his game which could be applied to most any game restoral project. He also includes a rubber ring chart and some guides on replacing rivets in a Pinball game, applying decals, and refinishing gold pinball legs. Check this site out for a variety of information around restoring Pinball games.

Bowling Alley and Shuffle Alley History & Evolution   -  This is Clay's site showing the evolution and history related to Bowling and Shuffle Alley games from post-WWII and later.  Other games that follow the Bowling theme are described as well.  I especially enjoyed the history of the primary manufacturers of these games and how their relationships evolved over time.  You will find flyers and many pictures of bowlers with a discussion on how they work and the evolution of the games over time.

Borden's Home Amusements  -  Well made web site representing a store in Pennsylvania that sells old and new games.  Seems to have many games in stock with most games being restored or shopped.  Lots of information with pictures describing the process by which they shop and restore Pinball games.

Brian's Retro Pinball & Video World  -  Brian is located in Barrie, Ontario Canada and is always interested in chatting with other collectors in the local area regarding similar interests.  His site includes photos of his work building a MAME cabinet (I'd like to try that some day), as well as photos and detailed information regarding games in his collection that discuss the operation of the game as well as what he did to restore the games.

Bryan Kelly's Pinball Photos  -  Bryan has some quality pictures showing his gameroom, repair shop, and restoration work.  Check out the various game pictures he has showing restorations for a number of games that provide information specific to a game including applying decals, coin doors, and cabinet restoration.  Now if I could have a repair shop like his, I'd have it made!  Bryan also sells EXECUTIVE Pin Footies that can protect your floor from serious Pinball game leg scrapes as you move your game around.  These aren't your run-of-the-mill Pin Footies, these are the EXECUTIVE Pin Footies made of oak.

Bryan's Pocket Change  -  Visit this nice site to find information regarding Bryan's Pinball hobby that just won't quit. He has tips for how to play Pinball as well as new and past Pinball projects, tips, and lots of quality photos. Nice site Bryan!

Bumper Action Amusement Company   -  Located in Australia, this site has something for everyone.  They have special offers, Pinball art, games for sale (they also buy arcade games), an interesting 7-seater circular bicycle, and have a lodge where you can book your stay if you'd like to get away from it all.  Too many things to list, so check out their website for the various items for sale and the services they offer.

Bucci's Pinball Arcade  -  This is Chris's site showing a variety of present and past games as well as some nice gameroom shots (wish my "game room" looked this good).  This site is also the place to go to view a listing of Diner Pinball game owners.  Chris has several projects under way and creates videos showing details around his restoration efforts for Pinball games.  Nice site with plenty of quality pictures.

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Centsible Amusements - Go here to find deals on buying Pinball and Video games as well as Pinball parts, manuals, cleaners/polishes, rubbers, etc.  The store is located in Jacksonville, Florida and they do ship games when required. You can also order parts online and have them shipped to you.

Chai18  -  Vintage Pinball Machines with more fun and games.

Chassis Arcade  -  This is a Danish site (I supplied a link to the English version of the site) where you can learn more about a small arcade in Copenhagen. They also feature Video games in addition to their Pinball games. Interested in trying to knock off a high score to date (HSTD) score? Well, swing by their location in Copenhagen and give it a try. It looks like it might be kind of hard though, these folks are serious about their game play.

The Champion Pub Owners List  -  This is the site for Champion Pub owners to list their games and find others that also have the Champion Pub Pinball game.  You will also find links to other owners list games that cover most collectable Pinball games.

Chris's Pinball Page  -  Chris Hibler has created a page that shows his collection, links, playfield rotisserie info, and most of all - details around his repair service he offers.  Note that Chris provides some pictures showing a $20 rotisserie using easy-to-obtain parts at your local hardware store.  He also supplies links to other folks' pages where they too have built playfield rotisseries.

Classic Arcades  - Jeff McAfee's website for buying repros of a variety of spinners, target decals, and insert decals for most popular Pinball games.  He also sells "Pinball Coasters" that feature favorite graphics for a variety of games.  Extending his ability to repro favorite graphics scenes, he also offers Pinball Clocks that use a Pinball graphic for the background.  Lots of repro stuff and reasonably priced.

Classic Playfield Reproductions  - This is a site for buying a variety of Pinball-related goods such as playfields and plastics for classic games as well as interesting information related to swapping out your old playfield for a new one. There are also some pictures illustrating information and details around mylar and its removal from playfields as well as their process for creating playfields for old collectable games.

Clay's Restoration Site  - Clay has done an excellent job with his tips on restorations, repairs, and cleaning tips.  You should really check this site out.  Unfortunately Clay makes my EM Cleaning Tips pages look a little weak when compared to his, but then again mine is just another resource albeit not as good as Clay's.  In any case, visit this page if you want to find out some nifty info (with plenty of pictures) on restoring games and patching up back glasses and playfields.  Also be sure and order some of the videos from the "This Old Pinball" series courtesy of Shaggy, Norm, and Tim Arnold in Las Vegas.  A paltry amount of money for the videos.  I also ordered the Tim Arnold set of tapes (which I think have been converted to DVDs) since he covers a variety of older games and it's fun watching them and listening to Tim's opinions.

Clear Coating Pinball Playfields  - If you would like to clear coat your playfield and have been wondering what you should do and where to get started, look no further.  Clay has a step-by-step guide for the process.  He discusses the pros and cons of using automotive clear coats and offers the results of tests using a variety of products.  He begins by asking if you should try to clear coat your playfield and provides some tips to make the decision.  He follows this up with a step-by-step guide for using a brush as an applicator as well as spraying and how to ensure a quality job.  Of course, like all the rest of Clay's guides, he offers high quality pictures to illustrate points when necessary.

Cliffy's Pinball Page - The key place to go to order hole protectors for most of the popular Pinball games in use today.  Cliffy includes pictures of the various protectors and how they will mate with your game's playfield.  I have a couple and they work very well against future wear that can damage your playfield and reduce the value of your investment.  They can also be used to cover some of the current damage while preventing it from getting worse. Cliffy also has Marco Rossignoli's beautiful and very complete pinball book as well as a variety of repairs for various games.  I bought a book as soon as it came out and it's a fantastic reference book of Pinball games including many quality color photos of Pinball games.  This is a must-have coffee table book or reference book made of the highest quality.  Cliffy is a frequent contributor to the rec.games.pinball newsgroup and assists others on a variety of topics related to Pinball.

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Coconut Island Pinball Project - Visit this website as Nick and the gang attempt to build a home-made Pinball game from scratch.  They use the help of other pinheads to get parts and tackle design issues as they attempt to build their fantasy Pinball game.

Coils - If you have questions about coils, this is a great place to learn more.

Coil Resistance Info - This is John Robertson's flippers.com website where he lists all kinds of info regarding coil resistance for a variety of coils. John has tons of interesting information in general as it relates to Pinball at www.flippers.com .

The Coin Drops Here - Looking to buy a Pinball game or maybe a video game?  How about other collectibles such as an antique penny weight machine or Coke machine or maybe even a cigarette machine?  If so, then check out this site for a variety of games and collectibles.  You will find pictures and prices as well as upcoming items that are in the queue to be restored.

Coin-Op Cauldron - Need boards repaired or interested in detailed information regarding Squawk and Talk or a Switch Matrix, plus others?  Then this is the place to go. Good quality service by Clive at reasonable prices and plenty of good info can be found at this site.  Clive is known as a top-shelf repair person in the Pinball community.

Coin Op NY - This is Mickey's site where you can learn more about buying restored or refurbished Pinball games, Arcade games, Ball Bowlers, and Jukeboxes. He also handles appaisals and reports on all coin-operated machines and Jukeboxes if you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, or if you would just like to know what your games are worth. Mickey also does home repairs in the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse New York area if you need some help with your game. He's always on the lookout for buying games (or donations if you would like to get your game out of your house or storage) and can give you a hand if you would like to quickly sell games that may be part of an estate or in a warehouse.

Coin-Op Parts and Service - Check out this site if you are interested in buying parts for Pinball, Video, Jukebox, and other arcade-related equipment. They also sell both Pinball and Video games as well as Jukeboxes from all eras.

Coin-Op Warehouse - These folks are collectors as well as dealers, and have an extensive knowledge of Arcade games, Pinball machines, Jukeboxes, Coke machines, Slot machines, as well as many other similar collectibles.  All machines are sold wholesale and as-is, so are usually unrestored and in need of work.

CoinTaker - CoinTaker.com offers a variety of very affordable LEDs for replacing your incandescent bulbs to reduce power consumption while offering a much longer life than typical bulbs.

Collectors Weekly Vintage Pinball Games - This is an interesting website that covers a variety of collecting topics, including Pinball. You'll find interview articles, new categories for collectors, and lots of information about most any topic that involves collecting and what it involves. Just do a search on your favorite category and read some interesting information that may include some nice photos as well. Very nice site and I found myself spending a lot of time reading about areas other than Pinball, although that's why I originally visited their site.

Colorado Pinball LocationsWant to find out where you can play Pinball in Colorado?  Check this website for the various locations and other info related to playing Colorado Pinball!  You'll find location names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Colorado Springs Pinball League - This is the home page for the local (if you're local to the Colorado Springs, Colorado area) pinball league. The page has not been updated for a while, but is still informative.

Color Mixing Guide - Need to mix colors for your playfield, cabinet, or backglass artwork? Check out this site to learn more about how to mix colors. Note that they also include color matching guide videos to help you pick the correct color.

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Connectors - Connectors are the medium used to transfer signals between the controls of a game, and the parts that are being controlled.  Clay offers this informative guide to explain connectors along with the tools necessary for making repairs to ensure consistent game play.  As usual, expect very detailed text descriptions coupled with illustrative pictures as Clay leads you through all that you need to know in regards to connectors that affect proper game play.

Cosmic Pinball - This is Matt's site where he shows his games and other info related to buying, trading, and selling Pinball machines as well as any other coin-operated games and associated items (note his record collection). Check out his photo gallery while you're at it.  Matt is located in eastern Pennsylvania in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Crazy Flipper Fingers - Crazy Flipper Fingers is based out of Portland, Oregon with members from nearby areas as well as outside their state.  They too have a cool logo and you may run across one of their members wearing a black hoodie with the CFF logo or find a game with the HSTD showing CFF.  Their site features links to upcoming events plus articles and archives on their website, and a photo "lineup" of their members with bios.  Check out the member pictures, some are quite creative.

Crazy Levi's Pinball - This is Levi's site (ldnayman on RGP) where he lists the games he has for sale, restoration and repair info, and has a video you can watch of who he is and his love for Pinball.

Dan Wilga's Plastic Restoration Site -  Dan goes in to some detail on how to replace plastics on Pin games in a step-by-step manner that can be used for old and new games.  Very informative site.

Dave's Arcade -  This is Dave's nicely designed site where you can view his game collection, a GLOG (Game Log) where he describes what he's doing lately, and pictures of his rather nice game room.

Dick's Pinball Page - Good place to vote and view ranking of games.

DMS Pinball - This is a site out of Alabama where various Pinball parts can be purchased using an online shopping cart. There are cabinet, backbox, playfield, electronic , and game specific parts, as well as some cleaning supplies.

Docent Electronics - Eric's website contains specialty items such as Gottlieb cables and connectors and many hard to find electronic parts.  They service a variety of arcade games and sell various Pinball parts (listed on their website). Located in Dayton, Ohio.

Doc Pinball - This is Mark Wagner's site where you can find information regatding Pinball machine repair, restoration, sales, and service. They have over 30 years of experience doing electronic systems repair and can repair your vintage and newer style coin-op equipment, especially focused on the home market. Check out their website to find their hours and repair rates while noting that they focus on the greater Indianapolis Indiana region including surrounding counties. They can repair your game either in-house, or at your house, so give them a call.

Dr. Dave's Pinball Sales & Restoration - Dr. Dave specializes in classic Bally and Stern Pinball game restorations from the late 70s to the early 80s as well as repairs and restorations of Williams, Gottlieb, Sega and Data East Pinball games. He's located in Massachusetts and offers service calls for those of you that may need your game repaired.

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Doctor Pinball - Doctor Pinball is located in Romania and offers tips, service, and sales for all things related to Pinball.

Drop Target Replacement - Jim has some nice pictures of how to replace Gottlieb drop targets with explanations for the process. You will find an additional page for replacing System 80 drop targets here.

DutchPinball.com - Dutch Pinball designers at their best. This site features the work by Barry and Koen as they pursue re-purposing a Pinball game (for example - The Machine - Bride of Pinbot) with new graphics (using a DMD versus an alphanumeric display), sound, game control, etc., to create a cool game with a cool video showing their work to date.

Dwight Sullivan's Pinball Blog - Dwight helped in the design of Pinball games for about 19 years. He provides a blog of his experience with Pinball design that is very interesting to read. Lots of things I didn't know about that goes into the design of a well thought out game.

ebay - Could hardly have a list of links without mentioning ebay!  One of the top places to find anything related to Pinball.  Prices can be inflated compared to what you may find locally or through other places mentioned in various links on this page, but some great deals can also be found on ebay.

EasyRGB  -  Although this isn't a Pinball site, it is a site loaded with info for doing color matching.  It also includes a "calculator" for converting RGB colors to other formats.  This site is very helpful for those that need to match colors for the cabinet or playfield as part of the restoration process.

Ed Cheung  -  I can't say enough good things about Ed's website. Ed is a frequent contributor to RGP and has information on his website regarding restoration efforts for some of his games.  Ed uses quality photos with very detailed descriptions of the work he performs using a step-by-step approach.  He provides a detailed log of what he does, as well as links to the supplies and ideas he obtains from others used as part of his restoration effort.  There is a lot of valuable information on this site, and even if you don't plan to restore a Pinball game playfield, the info is interesting, fun to read, and very well organized.  Lots of artwork repair, repainting drop targets, speaker mod, display repair, decal work, adding a remote battery to avoid corrosion, a tester for testing bulbs and coils, and much more.  He even has a page showing the playfield "coffee table" he constructed.  Lots of info here that should NOT be missed.

Edwin's Ford and pinball page  -  If you're a Theatre Of Magic owner you will want to register your game here.  Edwin also has many other items of interest on this fine Dutch page.

Eldorado Games  -  Located in Mount Vernon, Missouri, this is a place to buy Pinball boards (as well as video game boards).

Electronic Goldmine Parts  -  This is a good place to buy a variety of electronics parts (check GPE first and support one of "our own" Pinball enthusiasts).  They sell EPROMs and also sell some strobe lights/kits that can be used to repair Flash Gordon's strobe unit that is often broken.  You'll find all sorts of parts plus some interesting LED packages as well.

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EMPinballMachines Group - This is a news group for pinheads that are interested in posting and learning more about EM Pinball games (of which I'm a member). It's a way for pinheads to trade info regarding games/parts they are searching for as well as asking technical questions and getting help on their Pinball games. Just do a search for empinbalmachines (no, I didn't misspell it, that's how the group name was created) and you'll find the group where you can join.  

EM Pinball and Nothing But  -  Marvin G's site regarding EM Pinball games.  He's always on the lookout for buying EMs if you have one you'd like to sell.  Check out the games he has in his collection too. Nice set of games.  He also has a Pinball Physics page that illustrates the various parts of physics involved with Pinball games.

EM Schematics and how to read them  -  Do you have an Electro Mechanical (EM) game but don't know how to read the schematics? This helpful site explains the symbols on the schematic as well as how to read them so that you can make more sense of the circuitry.

Eric Pinball.be  -  This is Eric's site in Belgium. He has nice photos of past and current games with other areas describing technical tips, restoration projects, items wanted/for sale, and a Pinball forum with a chat location. He also provides news related to Pinball such as champions league scores and new software update announcements. Eric has converted most of the site to English for English speaking pinheads, but you can also read the site in French if you'd like.

Fabulous Fantasies  - Herb Silvers' site includes pinball games, reproduction backglass for older games, rare games, restoration pages, ......and lots more.  This is a large site with information regarding many arcade-related topics, parts, supplies, etc.  Herb also has a storefront in Tarzana, California for those that would like to stop in and see what he has to offer.  He sells many restored games if you're in the market to buy one.

Faces of RGP  -  Steve Kulpa maintains this site showing the many faces of RGP (rec.games.pinball) newsgroup contributors.  Don't forget to view Steve's main page here.

Firepower Pinball  -  This is the Firepower Pinball site where you can view all things Firepower. Phil spent a lot of time creating this website for Firepower fans and has many options for viewing game details, schematics, etc.

Flashback Classic Coin Ops  -  Tom Manely has a site where you can find information regarding the sale of classic machines such as IGT slot machines, EM Pinball games, jukeboxes, puck and ball bowlers, ski-ball games, video poker, bingo machines, and other old gambling Pinball machines.  They do repairs on old games and sell a variety of parts including old back glasses, playfield laminates, custom made title strips for old jukeboxes and other parts for most any game room machine.

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Flipperless.com - Flipperless.com has a history and articles section pertaining to flipperless pinball machines and Visual Pinball Tables. They focus on both Flipperless and Novelty tables and games with over 170 Visual Pinball Tables (originals and recreations) They also include a list of tutorials and demos for both Flipperless and other Visual Pinball developers. You will also find Pinball articles and many Pinball and game links.

Flippers.be  -  This is a Belgian website by Aeneas that features a Newbie guide to Pinball that is very detailed, game reviews, items for sale, some good Pinball articles (ever wonder how a coin mechanism works?), and discussions of Pinball in Belgium.  Aeneas, a frequent contributor to RGP, has an English version as well as a Dutch version and does a very nice job in his many descriptions of Pinball-related topics.

Flipper Freaks Pinball Club - The Flipper Freaks Pinball Club is based out of Mission, British Columbia.  You will find lots of info regarding their league play, some Pinball pictures of folks having fun while playing games, member names, IFPA tournament info, and some items you can buy online featuring their cool logo.

Flipperspill  -  Good Norwegian site for Pinball info that includes an English version of the site.  Remember to click on the "Support" navigation button at the top of the page so that you can navigate to retrieve most popular game manuals and even some game handbooks.  Also includes schematics for most Pinball manufacturers.  Very good place for downloading manuals and it's free!

Flipper Pinball Fan  -  This is Leon's site (click on the English version) showing Leon's collection as well as several interesting repair tips for various games.  There are also some rather nice pages showing detailed instructions on how to make the Indiana Jones spinning propeller, as well as some information including detailed pictures on board repairs for a variety of game motherboards.  Leon has spent quite a bit of time supplying information on his Belgium site.

Flippers.com  -  Located in Vancouver B.C., you will find information on buying a variety of parts, manuals, etc., for Pinball games as well as other games found in arcades.  You will also find information on their restoration page for restoring backglasses and playfields.  Be sure and check out John's tips for repairing Gottlieb System 1 games as there are some mods you can make to make the game more stable plus other helpful tips.

Flippers-Jukeboxes.net  -  This is the place to go when interested in buying the PI-1 X4 combo board that can be used to replace Gottlieb System 1 battery-damaged CPU boards as well as the other boards in the backbox.  Imagine replacing four boards with just one easy-to-install board.  This website is in French but has links that will direct you to an English description of the PI-1 X4 board.  Remember that this board can be used to replace all the boards in the backbox, not just the CPU board.

Flippnoutpinball  -  Do you want to buy a new game or you need to move a game? Here you go. This is Larry's (a.k.a. "Kitch") site where you can buy a new game and/or a new Escalara climbing hand truck. No more worrying about the back-breaking task of moving a game in or out of your game room. I bought one, and I'd highly recommend the Escalara for moving games. Don't forget the large wheel option since it makes it even easier to move a game on sidewalks, across grass, rocks, etc. Larry includes videos that show the Escalara in action. It's quite simple, so consider getting one of these movers today! Plus, you won't meet a nicer guy when it comes to Larry.

Flippp!  - This is Pascal Janin's website where he lists new replacement boards that he sells for hard-to-find Gottlieb System 1, 80/80A games. Pascal does excellent work with his board designs and the you can buy just the CPU board as a replacement, or the sound board, or better yet you can buy his PI-1 S4 for replacing the entire set of System 1 boards (yep, that means the CPU, Power Supply, Driver board, and Sound board - all on just one board). Not only do you get one board that can support all System 1 games, but he's added a skill shot option to make your game even more fun to play. Note that the original System 1 games did not have a skill shot, so Pascal has done a good job creating a skill shot that is both challenging and rewarding (score-wise that is). With his excellent design you also get a boot-up test and lots of options to change just about any option you can imagine. You can set up the game for your System 1 game and then if you need to test a different System 1 game, just change the name of the game in the setup options and it works fine in your other game too. Using his testing features you can quickly troubleshoot a game and bring it back to life. Just remember that Pascal won't necessarily have a board immediately in stock since he creates boards as more orders come in and that way he can keep the price down while still offering his boards.

Flyer Reference - This is Ray Watts site that lists most popular Pinball games and provides a link to flyers that have been scanned and are available for viewing. Games like bowling, guns, bat and others are listed as well. Kind of interesting just to view the flyers that were made for games in general. Somewhat artistic and the folks had a way with words when they created the flyers. Especially the older flyers. This is a valuable site where I often spend my time viewing the various flyers and viewing the order in which games were produced which illustrates the trends that were occurring at that time. Don't miss this very nice site.

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47 Things You Need to Know about your Pinball Machine - Here's a page originated by Tim Arnold (the real Shaggy) outlining the 47 things you need to know about your pinball machine.  Interesting information for any Pinball hobbyist.

For Amusement Only - This is a site where you can order Pinball parts. You can order parts, supplies, manuals, schematics, flyers, coin-op books, and more. Check them out.  I know Dave Mercer personally and he's a very honest guy that is very responsive as well.

Front Range Pinheads Group - This is a Yahoo news group for pinheads in the Colorado front range area (of which I'm a member). It's a way for local pinheads to trade info regarding games/parts they are searching for as well as asking technical questions and getting help on their Pinball games. Just do a search for frontrange_pinheads and you'll find the group where you can join.  

Fun Pinball - Steve Griswold's site supporting the Atlanta, Georgia area where he sells Pinball and Arcade games for home game rooms. The folks at Fun Pinball have a wide selection of games for sale - from new and restored Pinball Machines, to classic arcade games.

Future Pinball - From their website, Future Pinball is a real time Pinball Development System. It allows you to design and play your very own pinball simulation in True real time 3D. It uses Advanced Physics to provide the best possible simulation of a true to life pinball machine.

GameArchive - This is a site that includes Pinball and Video Games as well as Promo Flyer information. Pretty Large site with contributions from volunteers.

Game Room Ads - Got a jukebox you want to sell or maybe a Pinball game trade you'd like to offer, or looking for a video game? This website's goal is to bring together Pinball, Jukebox, and arcade enthusiasts through an advertising medium.  The site offers free classified ad services where people can sign up and create an ad in a few steps. Visit this site to view the details for placing an ad which includes adding pictures, easy ad renewal when your ad is about to expire, and techniques to keep the spammers from reaching you to protect your privacy. 

Game Room Classifieds - Here is a place to sell, buy, or trade all of your game room equipment.  Includes Jukeboxes, Pinball games, Slot Machines, Video games, etc.

The Game Room Connection - Developed as a site for collectors to share ideas, post photos of their collections online, and find answers from experts to a variety of questions. Also includes recommendations on new purchases to troubleshooting and repair issues.

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GameRoom Pinball - Brian has done a very nice job on his website where he features custom projects he has created based on Pinball games that have been re-themed. He uses an existing game, sands down the playfield, same with the cabinet that is fixed and filled, and a CAD package is used to create artwork for the plastics, playfield, cabinet, and backglass. You will find pictures of his various projects on the website. This looks like a great way to turn a trashed out game that was destined for being parted out or thrown in to a dumpster in to a re-themed Pinball game that has no twin.

Garage Arcade Page - Welcome to Chas's page where he has pictures and videos of the various games he owns.

Genesis Creative - Bruce has a website where you will find Pinball backglass art reproductions, illustration, book publishing, and graphic design. Genesis Creative is an official licensee of Gottlieb and they make and sell reproduction backglass artwork prints for your game room or office where others can view the beautiful artwork associated with Pinball games from the past. Check out their website to view backglass artwork reproductions and more.

Gottlieb System 1 Info - This is Tuukka's site where he provides lots of interesting info regarding Gottlieb System 1 games.  I like the System 1 games, but often I get a game with a corrosion-damaged CPU board due to the battery leaking over time.  Tuukka provides lots of helpful hints and theory regarding these games with tips on what to check and fix to get a System 1 game working again.

Gottlieb System 1 Power Supply Info - This is a link to one of my own pages here at SteveChannel.com. I found that I was often referencing a System 1 power supply diagram and answering questions for other Pinheads regarding the original power supply that came in their game that no longer works. So, rather than answering the same questions over and over, which mostly had to do with voltages that should be found on various components, I used an original schematic diagram and annotated it with voltages I've found on original working games in a more meaningful way. I also decided to re-draw the high voltage display section of the power supply since the factory diagram was somewhat hard to follow. You can print the schematics and put them in your game's cabinet for easy reference if needed. Oh yeah, you will need an original System 1 power supply board for the schematic to be of any real value. You can always get a Great Plains Electronics (if Ed has any in stock), or a Rottendog power supply if yours is shot or you don't feel like fixing it.

GreatPinball.com - Have a playfield that you'd like to have restored but want a less expensive cash outlay?  Check out John's site to learn more about his Direct Ink process for applying ink to your existing playfield.  Basically, he sands your faded playfield to bare wood and using vector graphics from scans of original artwork coupled with a printer, he applies ink to your original playfield.  The playfield is clear-coated to protect the ink.  Learn more about this direct ink process by visiting John's site.

Great Plains Electronics - This is where I go to buy Pinball electronics-related parts for a variety of games. Ed Krzycki does an excellent job of packaging parts, is prompt, and most of all - accurate with the parts you order.  This is the place to go to buy electronic parts associated with Pinball games at good prices and top service.

Greater Southern Distributing CompanyA site that illustrates a variety of games for sale as well as repairs and other info related to Pinball games.

Habos Arcade - This is Mike's website featuring his personal arcade collection, restoration tips/tricks, and sound tracks related to each of his games.  His game list includes links to other owners, manuals, rule sheets, flyers, mods, and upgrade kits associated with each game.  Colorful site with plenty of info related to his game collection.

Happ Controls - This is a good site to buy some common Pinball parts as well as other miscellaneous arcade stuff.  They have a reputation for selling quality stuff at reasonable prices and usually have the parts in stock.

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Hassell Castle Pinball Amusements - Check out Craig's site on his personal pinball machines and review some of the websites he's designed too.  Also be sure and check out his Theatre Of Magic "Gold" game.  Craig has some pictures of a nice game room too (wish mine was that nice).  Craig also has info related to the Dallas/Ft Worth world of Pinball if you happen to live in the area.

High Class Pinballs - Here is a site from Germany (click the English link on the home page to view the site in English) that sells plastics, cabinet side-art, protectors, lockbars, and lots of other stuff including real gold plated parts such as legs, shooters, lockbars, and even an Indiana Jones idol that is gold plated. Interesting items and not aware of anyone else doing the 24 Karat gold plating.

High End Pins - Need a top quality restoration job on your newer Pinball game?  This is Christopher Hutchins site where he provides pictures of the high end work he does for restoring your late model Pinball game to a new level. He specializes in disassembling the entire Pinball game and restoring every part to a condition that meets or exceeds the original condition.  Nice top quality work with a mirror finish on your playfield that all your friends will envy.

HighScoresArcade - This is Blaine's site featuring content related to arcades and Pinball.  You will find links, interviews with key players in the world of arcades and Pinball, a calendar of events from a variety of locations, articles related to pins and vids, trivia games, a virtual arcade and a web log for those that would like to participate. Nicely designed website.

HMC Electronics - This site features a host of electronic equipment, parts, and various tools to assist you with repairing Pinball games.  Just about anything you can think of for your repair adventures.  They also have a free catalog for your perusal.

Home Pinball Repair - This is a site that may answer your questions about Pinball repair for your game.  It features an introduction to Pinball maintenance, a glossary of Pinball terms, opening the game, removing pinballs, batteries, fuse locations, how to build a rotisserie, etc. Lots of interesting info to read.

HSA Pinball - HSA Pinball has been in the Pinball/arcade hobby since 1998 and features playfield restorations, clear-coating, metal plating specializing in chrome and nickel brass plating for wireform ramps, legs, siderails, coin doors, and lockdown bars.

Home Amusements - Scott provides an in-home repair service for those of you that live in the western suburbs of Chicago (although other areas are possible - give him a call) for Pinball, arcade, and dart games as well as jukeboxes.  He also lists games he is interested in obtaining, and games that are currently for sale if you are in the buying mood.

Home Leisure Direct - If you find yourself in the UK (hopefully you will, I absolutely love the UK) and want to visit their location near Bristol in England, you will find large classy showrooms featuring not only Pinball games, but also pool tables, juke boxes, ping-pong tables, and lots more!  They sell new and used Pinball games as well as parts that they will buy and exchange with you. Note their delivery and installation service since depending on where you are located, it may be free. They've been around since 2007 and have a large team of dedicated folks that are focused on quality products, expert advice, and follow-up care that will meet and exceed your expectations (click on their About Us link and look at their awards).  Not only that, but they have a lot of helpful advice on their website as well as videos on how to play Pinball. Check out this website to learn more and there is lots to learn about Pinball that you will definitely want to consider.

IDSC Supply - You will find clear washers for your Pinball plastics here as well as a very nice trunk for Theatre Of Magic. They also sell excellent speaker upgrades for most Pinball games.

Illinois Pinball - Website for the company that bought many of the Williams parts when they decided to close shop making Pinball games.  You can buy a variety of products that include decals, playfields, parts, etc., for the Bally/Williams line of Pinball games.  You'll find location names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Illinois Pinball Locations - Interested in playing Pinball in Illinois?  Then take a trip to this website and view the various locations where you can play Pinball throughout the state of Illinois.

Indiana Jones - The Web Site - Mike Saunder's page for all Indiana Jones owners. Great site with plenty of info. Check out the Indiana Jones links page too.  Mike also has some interesting info on creating molds for DIY projects that include Pinball.

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Inkochnito's Score & Instruction Cards - Peter Koch has spent a lot of time creating and updating a repository of score and instruction cards for MANY Pinball games.  He supplies instructions for how to download and print the cards of interest for most popular games and probably a bunch you never knew existed.  If you have a game that's not on his list and you have access to a scanner, please be sure to email him some scans to make this repository even more complete.  Peter provides a valuable resource to all collectors.  While you're at it, why not make a small donation using Paypal to show some appreciation for his tireless work. I make a contribution every year.

International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA)  -  IFPA's goal is to elevate the awareness and visibility of Pinball across the globe and to generate media coverage and corporate backing in order to bring the sport of competitive Pinball back into the spotlight.  The IFPA has created the World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPR) to establish the first official rankings systems of Pinball players throughout the world.  Through endorsed tournaments and leagues, each year they crown the World's Greatest Pinball Player.  My friends Kevin and Carole that own Lyons Classic Pinball in Lyons, Colorado have a monthly tournament where you can compete in their monthly tournament and get points.  If you play at tournaments endorsed by the IFPA, you too could become the "World's Greatest Pinball Player."  Visit their site to learn more about upcoming tournaments and the current rankings.

Instruction Cards  -  Ken has instruction cards for many of the popular games instruction cards for your downloading pleasure.  This site has it all when it comes to instruction cards, with special thanks to Peter (Inkochnito).

Internet Pinball Database  -  The place to go to find out about your new game. You might try downloading their application for viewing Pinball info on your own computer rather than over the Internet.

Iowa Pinball Club  -  This is the home of Iowa's Pinball Machine Player's Club, League, and Tournaments. This is the place to go for a free club that supports both amateurs and professional Pinball enthusiasts in and around the Iowa area. Members get together to play on weekends, at bars, homes, arcades, and any other place where they can find working Pinball games. You can learn from other enthusiasts covering areas such as Pinball restoration and repair, as well as EPROM and chip replacement when needed. So if you'd like to join a nice Pinball club where you can get together with like-minded Pinball enthusiasts, this club is for you! Check them out at the Iowa Pinball Club.

the-it-resource (it's only pinball)   -  Interested in finding ring information for your game?  How about installing a batter holder to avoid battery leakage?  Then you'll want to go to this site.  You'll also find shop-out and price guides as well as game links for Pinball-related subjects.  This is a valuable site for a range of information, so check it out!

Jeff's Pinball Pages  -  Jeff has a personal site showing the various games he owns or has owned.  Jeff is also interested in buying some collectable games if you have them for sale (see his list).  He is also willing to answer your emails regarding any of his games or if you'd like to make some comments.

Jeff's Pinball Palace  -  As Jeff states, "Pinball Palace is for those who seek the ultimate game room, share a passion for pinball, or otherwise just enjoy collecting neat stuff."  He has pictures of his personal collection as well as game reviews, pictures of game rooms, association information, links, movers, etc., for your viewing enjoyment.

Jeff-Z's Pinball Pages  -  Here is Jeff Zweizig's rather cool website where he lists his Pinball games in his collection including high quality pictures, rulesheet info, a detailed repair log, his high scores, and some random thoughts and insights regarding his games.  Jeff has done a really nice job on his website and it shows.  You may want to navigate to his home page to view other hobbies and info Jeff has featured at his website, since although not Pinball-related, they too are interesting.

Jersey Jack Pinball  -  Jack Guarnieri has been in the amusement industry for a long time (since the mid-70s) so he has lots of experience in the industry. Jack decided that he wanted to manufacture new Pinball games that were challenging and decided to bring top notch industry veterans on board to build his game named Wizard of Oz. The game should be available either in 2011 or 2012 and we all look forward to Jack's success.

Jim'z Pin'z - Minnesota Pinball - Pinball games for sale and other info, check it out.

Jim West - Jim is a good resource for information and although his site hasn't been updated in a while, you can still find pictures of his games and even some pictures from Pinball Expo 97.

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Joe Pinball - This site provides a catalog of parts related to Pinball such as pinballs, bolts, locksets, rubber rings, clear washers, lamps, etc.  This is the place to go to buy the PinPan product that is used for storing your parts while shopping a Pinball game.  Parts can be purchased online using their shopping cart.

Johnie Terry's Pinball Restoration - Johnie has a website dedicated to Pinball restorations where he chronicles the steps he took in repairing and restoring the various Pinball games listed on the website. His goal is to help others that may be trying to make the same repairs/restorations on their games with tips on what to do, as well as what not to do. Informative site with quality pictures that includes a short history.

John's Jukes Ltd.  -  Located in Vancouver B.C., you will find information on buying a variety of parts, manuals, etc., for Pinball games as well as other games found in arcades.  You will also find information on their restoration page for restoring backglasses and playfields.

JPB Inc. - This is the Johnny PinBall site where you can find Pinball games for sale, especially if you live in New Jersey.

JT Amusements - Jim owns a small business located in the greater Harrisburg, PA area that specializes in Pinball machines of all eras.  He provides top quality games at reasonable prices.  They also offer servicing, selling, buying, or trading games, and customer service is number one. Give Jim a try, you'll be glad you did.  Jim is a great resource for anything related to Gottlieb games and I often ask him questions about System 1 games.

KansasPinball - My buddy Doug Grant has done an excellent job with his website showing you pictures from the Kansas City Flipfest tournament and restoration and modification pictures for various games in his collection.  If that wasn't enough, he also shows you the various mods he has done with games like Medieval Madness and Creature From The Black Lagoon that make these highly collectable games even better.  Doug provides you with the details necessary to modify games including schematics (when required) and plenty of high quality pictures where he leads you through a well organized step-by-step process so that you too can make these modifications.  Be sure and check out Doug's excellent work on these games.

K&K Amusement - Site features information on parts for sale via the Internet at their site. They are located in Gobles Michigan and take all major credit cards. You basically select a category and get the details on the parts of interest. A picture with a description plus the price is available and items of interest can be added to a shopping cart for purchase.

K's Arcade - K's Arcade, is one of the largest online retailers for pinball circuit boards and electronic parts. They have over 300+ new and refurbished pinball CPU's, drivers, displays, and sound boards, specializing in high quality refurbished difficult-to-find boards, and if you have your own board that needs help, they offer board repair services. They are also a distributor for Stern Pinball and offer all of the new game titles on their website. Technical support is provided to their customers both before, and after, parts are purchased. Check out their website and you will find all the info you need and more.

Keller Pinball Restoration - Need a Pinball game restored?  Check out this site for quality restoration work.  The site includes many high quality pictures showing their work as well as who they are and what they do.

Keinert.com - Kevin Keinert's site where he lists old IC chips that are hard to find as well as his personal collection info, Sega R-360 project (let him know if you have one for sale), and info regarding restoring and repairing a variety of arcade equipment, radios, clocks, phonographs, music boxes, trains, etc.

Ken's Amusements - This is Ken's site where he sells mirror-glazed Pinballs as well as a vibrating cleaner/polisher machine. I have a set in my CFTBL game and they look quite nice.  Check out the many other items for sale as well.

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Ken's Pinball Rebel Site  -  This is Ken's site where he includes the many Game cards that he's created.  These cards are really neat and I use them in place of the "play" card that comes with the game (the card on the right side of the game that lists the amount of money required to play a game).  Just print them off using a color printer and you're in business.  Very nice addition to anyone's home game collection. Ken's site is interesting in other areas beyond the game cards though, so be sure and check it out.

Kimball's Pinball's - Do you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?  Then maybe you want to check out Kim's site to learn more about the services he provides in regards to troubleshooting and repairing games.  He also does complete game restorations which can include repainting your tired or shot game box. He likes to restore games the way I do, except he's willing to bring those skills to bear for the general public (I'm too tired to go that far).  Don't need the full monty?  Fine, tell Kim what you like and he'll do what it takes to make you happy.  You may want to contact him for parts too since anyone that does restorations and repairs often has spare parts on hand.

King Of Payne - Roc's King Of Payne pinball page. You will find a guide to reproducing plastics, clear plastic fender washers, hole protectors for various games and a discussion on how to modify the Indy Biplane so the propeller spins.

Kirb's Pinball Page - This is Kirb's site where he discusses the various games he has owned and very useful tech information for repairing displays, pinball repair, and System 80 info.  Check out his Pinball moving equipment.  Wish I had something like that.  Lots of info here as well as info regarding his repair service.

The Kirkland Pinball Grotto - This is Beriah's site in Kirkland, Washington showing pictures of various games he owns and a video of Silverball Mania.  You can read his intro illustrating how he got hooked on the Pinball hobby.  You can also follow Beriah on RGP where his handle is Beemus.

The Korn - This is the Korn's site covering the installation of CFTBL pop bumper lights as well as info regarding the replacement of your game's cabinet and backbox speakers with detailed information regarding how sound works in a Pinball game.  Korn is also a frequent contributor to RGP.

Larry's Pinball Page - This is Larry Hammer's personal website where he provides some good info on repairing Pinball games as well as a very good description on restoring an Eight Ball Deluxe playfield with a new overlay.  Check it out for you EBD fans (I'm one).

Liberty Games - If you are in the U.K. you should check out Liberty Games to buy your next new or reconditioned game, see their Pinball showroom, and note that they have onsite repair facilities and personnel to meet your every need. They have much more than just Pinball items, so pay them a visit to see if you can enhance your game room.

Lieberman Companies - This is a site that features the Lieberman distributor for amusement, vending, ATMs and other equipment. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, Lieberman offers a "one-stop-shop" with new and used equipment sales, service, and financing. They distribute video arcade games, ticket redemption games, prize merchanidisers, coin pushers, claw crane machines, Pinball games (our favorite of course), jukeboxes, photo booths, air hockey and pool tables. Lots of info related to this 100 year old distributor that began in 1907. Their history page is an interesting read as well.

Little Shop Of Games - You will find a variety of parts, plastics, decals, electronics boards, Pinball games, used stuff, etc., here at Curly's website.  A clean site with parts for sale at a reasonable price where you can order online.

Lock When Lit - Also known as Pinball Classics, this is Rob's site where you can find more information regarding Pinball game board repairs and games that are for sale that have experienced Rob's restoration craft. Rob is frequent contributor on RGP as Borygard.

Lucky Ju Ju -Lucky Ju Ju is a place to visit in Alameda, California where you can see and play many vintage Pinball games. It is a non-profit Pinball museum and art gallery with some very interesting games as well as beautiful artwork.

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Lyons Classic Pinball - Visit the Lyons Classic Pinball arcade in Lyons, Colorado (north of Boulder and about an hour from Denver) to experience classic Pinball and Video games in a small town atmosphere.  Kevin and Carole have about 30+ classic Pinball games ranging from older EMs to newer solid-state and dot matrix display (DMD) games as well as classic video games too.  They have games set up in a variety of locations in town (besides their main arcade) so visit their website to learn more.  You can visit their establishment to just play Pinball or for holding the next corporate off-site or team building exercises.  Makes a good birthday present for kids too!  Games are kept in tip-top shape by these dedicated collectors.  They also offer some nice T-shirts and hats to show you've visited this one-of-a-kind arcade.  I consider them good friends, and hope you too establish a friendship with Kevin and Carole and their nice arcade.

MAACA - Montreal Arcade and Amusement Collectors Association (MAACA) has a large number of registered Canadian Pinball collectors (although others can join as well), where they have a classifieds and forum section on their website.  Their forums cover many topics such as Game Rooms, Tips and How To's, Projects, Pinball or Video game only, MAME, Meetings, etc., so you will find plenty of information on a variety of topics.

MAME World - Go here to view the largest MAME resource on the Internet. Tons of stuff related to MAME.

Mantis Amusements - Site for buying Pinball games, parts, and add-ons such as the Scared Stiff skull that lights up and looks great on top of the game. There are PC Boards, playfields, backglasses, mylars, ramps, and many other items for sale.

Marco Specialties  - Another good place to buy many Pinball parts and accessories using an online ordering system.  Marco has just about any part you can imagine for most any Pinball game ever made.  Too much information to list here, so check out this site for buying Pinball-related parts.

Mark's Pinball Page  - Mark's well-made website contains info regarding his game collection, games he's interested in buying, Mylar removal, and some very complete technical info on System 3 - System 7 troubleshooting and repair.  He also has some nice scans (pdf format) of schematics and parts placement documents.  He also provides a solenoid cross reference document as well as providing ROM burning services if you are interested.

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum - Located outside of Detroit, Michigan, the museum contains items of magic, neon, antiques, posters, airplanes, robots, animation, and all sorts of odd and unusual coin operated games. The coin operated games are the main attraction, and range from the oldest gypsy fortune telling machine of the early 1900's, to the latest video games. All the games are operational. Admission to Marvin's is free.  Check out this wonderful site illustrating a long history of coin operated games.  Just wish I lived nearby.

Matchstick Creations - Interesting creative items can be bought here.  For one, there are black pinballs for those of you after a black pinball in your games. There are also some add-ons for other games that are quite artistic. They have some nice restoration pictures of games (both Video and Pinball), and some other neat photos of their work.

Matt's Pinball Room - This is Matt's personal web page where he discusses his Pinball games as well as the history behind his love of the hobby.  Matt also has some pictures of his nice gameroom that includes Pinball games, MAME, a jukebox, and a slot machine.

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Mayfair - A site for vintage parts including backglasses, circuit board sales, and repair.  They also have schematics, manuals, flyers, and sales brochures.  This is probably the premier site for buying vintage backglasses.

Metro Pinball and Video - If you live in the Oklahoma City area you may want to check out this site for Pinball and Video games that are for sale, getting your Pinball game serviced, buying miscellaneous parts, and even renting games for special occasions. You may even find a project game for sale if you would like to get in to the hobby on the cheap and begin your collection. Watch out though, collecting Pinball games can become a serious affliction.

Michigan Pinball Expo  -  Go here to learn about the Michigan Pinball Expo that is an annual event for pinheads.

Mick's Pinball  -  Mick began making pinball topper kits as a hobby and he now sells topper kits to Pinball enthusiasts.  In particular he sells add-ons for Scared Stiff (a lit skull), Medieval Madness (a dragon kit), and Twilight Zone (Robby the robot).

Midwest Gaming Classic  -  The Midwest Gaming Classic is the largest all-encompassing electronic gaming event in the Midwest. Be sure and check their website for the dates for this year's upcoming events. These folks are second only to Expo when it comes to gaming events.

Minnesota Pinball  -  Pinball in Minnesota with some listings of games for sale on ebay.

MoPinball - This is Greg Peck's site in Missouri for buying and repairing Pinball games. Greg supplies info for caring for your Pinball game as well as all the info you will need for buying a game from him and lots of links to game manufacturers and places to find out more info on the wonderful world of Pinball.

Monopoly Game Rules  -  This is Jim Hicks' site where he lists detailed instructions on how to play Monopoly as well as some other key links.

M&P Amusement  -  You will find an extensive list of Pinball games for sale at this site as well as other arcade games and Juke boxes.  They also sell gameroom equipment.

Mrhide's Pinball Pages  - Phil's site that includes nice photos of backglasses along with detailed instructions for building a frame for displaying a translite or backglass.  Phil also has a collection of photos taken at various Pinball events held in the U.S.A. showing games, playfields, and backglasses that are interesting.

Mr. Pinball Classified  - Hey, you want to buy or sell a game or just see what a game costs from a variety of sellers?  Check out Daina Petit's site and see what's available.  Great site to get an idea of what games are going for these days as well as a place to buy or list parts via classified ads that are read by most Pinball enthusiasts.  I probably hit this site as well as The Internet Pinball Database site more often than any site listed in these links.  Great asset and probably THE place to sell a game, and it's free!

Mr. Pinball's Photo Gallery  -  Daina's serious photo collection.  We're talking tons of games here.

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Mr. Pinball Repair Tip Archive  -  Daina's tip archive - quite valuable.

My Home Gameroom.com  -  This is John Wart's site featuring a ROM burning service for virtually any Pinball game ROM you may need to have replaced.  John also shows many of the games he has in his collection and provides info for contacting him if you want to sell a game and live near Indiana.

Museum of Play -  This is a must-see museum associated with playing games of all types and it's found in Rochester, New York. If you are in the Rochester area for any reason, you will definitely want to check out this museum.

Mushroom Amusements -  Visit Bart in Belgium at his site to learn more about items he has for sale such as Flyers, Plastics, books, and more. They also offer repair and shopping services for Pinball games.

Mylar Removal -  Mark illustrates through pictures and detailed text how to remove mylar from a Pinball game's playfield. This is probably the best description I've seen on the topic. I would suggest one alternative for mylar removal that works well which is to use a plastic "razor blade" rather than a real one. You can buy the plastic ones at pinrestore.com.

My Pinball World.com -  This is a site that features the owner's games plus a history of each game and a status report showing how each game is coming along. There are some games listed that have been sold, but click the link anyway to learn more about the game, what was encountered when purchased, and what was done to repair the game and to get it in working order.

Nabour's Novelty, Inc.  -  Located in Maple Lake, Minnesota, this site provides links to a variety of gaming equipment such as Pinball, Arcade, Darts, Juke Boxes, Air Hockey, Dome Hockey, and Foosball games.  They have a showroom where games can be seen on location and information can be viewed at their website with a toll free number available for ordering games or finding more information.  The Pinball games are electronic and solid state games.

National Pinball Museum -  Visit this nicely designed and informative website to learn more about the National Pinball Museum.  They differentiate themselves from other museums by not only having Pinball games set up to play, but a place providing lectures, demonstrations, and workshops that focus on restoration, fabrication, cabinetry, and graphics arts as they relate to Pinball games.  They also have a publicly accessible library and database of periodicals, books, magazines, and schematics. They also include the notion of a "museum-on-the-go" which means a travelling subset of their primary museum which can be used by schools and others.  The objectives for what is to come in the future looks very impressive.

Ni-Wumpf Ltd. -  Do you have a Gottlieb System 1 board that has battery damage?  If so, or if you want to swap out your main CPU board for a newer one that handles all the System 1 Gottlieb games in a single board, then go here for more info.  My Joker Poker has the Ni-Wumpf board in it and it works just fine.  The nice thing is that it also supports all the other System 1 games by simply changing some DIP switch settings. The creator of the Ni-Wumpf board (Ace) will refine his code which can be easily downloaded to burn a new EPROM, and he also has newer designs coming for his System 1 replacement board. This is a very reasonably priced replacement board and does a fine job supporting all System 1 games. His boards are sold by multiple parts providers so look for a Pinball parts supplier in these links and get yours quickly, and at a great price.

904 Pinball Zine - This is the place to go for viewing some interesting pinball/arcade interviews that Cody has done over the years with famous creators.

NYC Pinball Home Page - This is the site for the New York City Pinball Players & Owners Association. They list place in NYC where you can play games as well as view member pages to view the interests of local enthusiasts. They also have links, stories, and up-to-date reports when applicable.

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New York Pinball - Now here's a well-crafted website for addressing your Pinball needs as well as a nice resource for viewing game flyers (brochures).  They take trade-ins on games (depending on the condition, of course) for those that would like to upgrade to a better game, they also buy games, will attempt to locate a game for you if you have one you are particularly interested in buying, and offer a game room design service for those of you that would like to create a game room that supports your Pinball addiction.  The site offers much more information and is very easy to use.

Ohio Pinball Show  -  This is the site to visit if you are interested in the annual Ohio Pinball Show.

OldBinger Pinball  -  Here's a nice website if you are in to Bingo games. You can view a nice gallery of bingo photos as well as following news by Hugh.

Oliver Kaegi's Collection and Projects  -  This is Oliver Kaegi's informative site showing the various Pinball games in his collection as well as many pictures associated with restorations and playfield swaps for various popular games.  He also has other diddies for repairing boards, creating adapters, and other info related to Pinball restoration that can save you time and money.  Oliver also has links to download modifications to various game ROMs (free play and skill shots that were not part of the initial game code).  Lots of pictures and is interesting to view even if you don't intend to do the work yourself.

Only Pinball Games  -  This is a site featuring a number of online Pinball games where you can test your skills using just your keyboard. You'd better watch out though, these games can get addictive if you aren't careful.

Orbit Pinball  -  Here's a site that offers Pinball plastic protectors for popular games as well as PC board repairs and a Cirqus Voltaire decal replacement.

Outer Banks Amusements  -  This is David Shields' website where he offers all kinds of coin operated games for use in bars, restaurants, convenience stores, theaters, bowling alleys and pretty much any other location you can think of where a game can be installed and revenue sharing can begin. His business is located in North Carolins (Grandy) and might be the way to start your business if you are looking for a business opportunity where revenue sharing is of interest.

Oyvind's Pinball Page  -  This is Oyvind's Pinball launch page to see his gallery of Pinball games and multiple Pinball game parts lists.  You click on the name of one of the games and you can do a search on all parts listed for the game or plug in a part number or part name, select a game, and get the part details.  Oyvind is located in Norway and provides some links to other Norwegian sites of interest.

Paisley Pinball - You will find some of the more popular games listed here along with an owners list, rule sheets, pictures, flyers, etc. He lists games such as Addams Family, Monster Bash, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Safe Cracker, and White Water.

Pacific NW Pinball.com - Interested in what's going on in the Pacific Northwest?  Visit Kevin's site to view places to play, league information, and links to a variety of Pinball-related topics.

Pacific Pinball.org - This is the site for for the Pacific Pinball Museum which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of one of america's great pastimes. They do this by operating Pinball arcades, hosting the world's largest Pinball show (the annual Pacific Pinball Expo), creating traveling Pinball art exhibits, and creating traveling science exhibits.

PA Pinball - Jim has a site showing the many restorations he has done on a variety of games.  The pictures are of high quality and it looks like Jim has a very nice collection.  He also has a "wanted" page indicating games he's interested in obtaining.  Need to replace a Gottlieb target the easy way?  You will also find a nice write-up on the process on this site at http://www.papinball.com/tips/gottlieb_drop_target_guide.html.

Paris Pinball Museum - This is Raphael Lankar's website where he features info related to the Paris Pinball Museum.  You can visit the museum by appointment only, but in the meantime you can check out this website to learn more and even view some of his museum videos while you're at it.  In addition to the Paris Pinball Museum info, don't forget to select one of the links to other areas such as Arcades, Bingo, Juke Boxes, Pinballs, and Slot Machines.  You will find lots of interesting information in each of these areas.  I've been to Paris numerous times but have yet to get my act together so that I could view the museum, but I'm looking forward to it.

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Pat Lawlor Design - Pat Lawlor is famous as a Pinball game designer for games such as Banzai Run, Earthshaker, Funhouse, No Good Gofers, Red & Ted's Roadshow, Safe Cracker, Whirlwind, and newer games such as Monopoly (I have one), Family Guy, and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.  Probably two of his most famous games are The Addams Family and Twilight Zone.  His site currently features shirts that are for sale and can be ordered on-line.

Pavlov Pinball - You will find tons of information on this site revealing features, technology and reviews, mods, five second game guides, the things they like, Pavlov's picks, electro mechanical beauties, and so much more.

Peak Pinball and Jukebox - Randy offers top quality Pinball and Jukebox repair in the Denver metro area. He also offers tips for various games that are quite informative including his recent repair logs. His tips and repair logs contain plenty of detailed pictures with excellent verbiage describing facts about the games and his repairs.

Peter en Ina Speelautomaten - This is the website for Peter and Ina where they provide info regarding a wide range of games they have had over the years. You'll find very interesting items of interest that include Amusement, Baseball, Basketball, Bingo, and lots more.

Pete's Excellent Home Page  -  This is a home page of someone with many of the same tastes I have regarding Pinball and travels to Europe. Check out Pete's page to see what he's up to in the world of Pinball as well as his many pictures on places in Europe he has been. He has some recommendations that can save you time in planning your next trip to Europe.  Who knows, maybe you'll find a Pinball game to play while on vacation (I did in Paris and London).

PhoenixArcade  -  Interested in buying some decals for your faded Pinball games?  Then go here to see the many game decals they have.  Very good for games like Fish Tales that often have very faded side cabinet art.  They also have a board trade-in policy where you can trade in boards from video games for a credit towards a purchase.

Pikes Peak Pinball Collectors Club  -  Here's another group in the Colorado Springs area that hold tournaments at members homes and share the joy of pinball with each other.  Note that you don't have to even own a pinball game to join their club!

Pinball 101  -  This is an absolutely great video describing how to play Pinball. It has a professional look and feel, is well edited, and explains how to do all the shots the pros make during tournament play. This one video will probably help you learn ball control more than any other video out there. If you don't get better scores after learning the techniques shown in this video .... well, maybe you should give up because the video is packed with real gems.

Pinballeric.com  -  This is a nice site where you can find lots of information regarding Pinball. You will find discussions on Pinball, a link to "Pinball fixers" on the Internet, links to other sites, and a very nice photo gallery featuring a variety of games. You will also find a link to purchase "The Pinball Price Guide" for those that are interested in an idea of what games sell for.

Pinballers.com  -  Pinballers.com provides this site to spark the interest of the newer generations of gamers who have grown up on video and computer games as well as providing a wide variety of articles concerning pinball machines including technical and repair articles.  Find out the latest news about pinball, read exclusive articles, and more from Pinballers.com.

Pinballers Anonymous  -  Located in the UK, this site is run by several friends that have owned hundreds of Pinball games and decided to build a website where they can offer a service of buying, selling, repairing, and servicing Pinball games.  Although they are VAT-registered, they operate profit free so they can enjoy the many aspects of Pinball more as a hobby.

Pinball Abbreviations Database  -  If you read the rec.games.pinball (RGP) newsgroup, you have probably encountered abbreviations used for Pinball games.  This site provides a way to look up the various abbreviations used in the hobby with an explanation of the abbreviation.  You will also find a list in alphabetical order where you can view the abbreviation plus the name of a game.

Pinball Adventure  -  You can go here to view game pictures and information that has been collected. The pictures are high quality and the information is current, plus you get to see some restoration photos that include game teardown. There is also a section on the website that covers events such as the Pinball Expo which includes a video of Stern's manufacturing operation as well as slideshows of the operation and the events that were attended.

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Pinball Barn  -  The Pinball Barn is located in South Central Pennsylvania where they do Pinball game restorations, repairs (either house calls or at their business location), as well as selling Pinball games and parts.

Pinball Bash  -  As it reads on the home page, "the purpose of this site is to form a community to support Pinball and Video Game collectors in the SC/NC states and other nearby areas. Here you'll find a variety of resources that will aid you in finding games, supplies and services in your area. Pinball Bash is here to help local collectors find local resources." Also check out their Pinball Bash Photo Album to view collections or games that are for sale.

The Pinball Blog  -  This is Nick's site where you can read interesting interviews of Pinball Heroes as well as other info related to Pinball. The site is well designed, very informative, and looks like a real asset to the Pinball community. Nick is also involved with other UK-based groups that further the Pinball cause.

Pinball Center - Here is a site in Germany that sells Pinball related parts. Circuit boards (such as the Flash Gordon strobe board plus Attack From Mars mothership boards, proximity board, flipper opto board, etc.), targets, illuminated pushbuttons, and especially the "Noflix" LED bulbs that should last for years in your game. You can also view games they have in their factory and showroom with a reasonable notice that you will be coming. You will find some nice Pinball videos that you can watch on their site.

Pinball Classics - Also known as LockWhenLit.com, this is Rob's site where you can find more information regarding Pinball game board repairs, and games that are for sale that have experienced Rob's restoration craft. Rob is frequent contributor on RGP as Borygard.

Pinball Collector Register  -  This is the place to go to view collector information. Lots of valuable info for those searching for another collector of your game of interest, help, tips, etc.

Pinball Collectors Resource  -  This is Don and Rob's website presents information by Manufacturers, relevant Pinball facts, historical and factual notes, and forms for collectors to help add information to their database so they can better document and identify resources for Pinball enthusiasts.

Pinball Controllers  -  Have you ever wanted to design your own Pinball machine or customize the rules of an existing machine? Then you may be interested in buying the P-ROC controller board as shown on this website from this Dutch company.

Pinball Country  -  Online forum to discuss all things Pinball.

Pinball Cowboy  -  Check this site out to view a Pinball repair blog covering an assortment of game repairs, Nice site with quality pictures and informative instructions for repairs.

Pinball Creative  -  Located in Lower Addsicombe, near Croydon, Surrey, the owner is Giacomo with the assistance of others to bring you a variety of games they sell mostly from the 60s to the 70s. They do complete restorations to bring you the level of game that will last you years and years of Pinhead fun.

Pinball Decals Inc.  -  This site features a variety of decals you can buy for targets, cabinets, backboards, as well as full plastic sets, instruction cards, games for sale, and mods for Pinball games to "liven" them up.  They provide a shopping cart for easy purchasing.

The Pinball Doctor    This is Doctor Dave's Pinball sales and restorations site. They specialize in restoring classic Bally and Stern Pinball games from the late 70s to the early 80s.  They can also fix newer games if you need one repaired or restored.

Pinball Dreams    Here's a site from Germany where you can buy a variety of parts including really cool lit aprons for several popular games. They also have some nice info on doing touchups using an airbrush as well as some info on clear-coating a playfield. Mostly in German, but you'll get the picture of what they are doing (no pun intended).

Pinball Eric    This is Pinball Eric's site where he has interesting information about the history of Pinball, but more importantly - this is the place to go to buy the The Pinball Price Guide. Using the Pinball Price Guide you can get an idea of the current value and fair price of a Pinball guide. The original Pinball Guide was published by Larry Bieza, but Pinball Eric has taken over now and you can visit his site to order the current edition if you would like to get an idea of what a Pinball game may be worth based on conditions described in the guide.

Pinball Expo  -  Here is the home page for the annual Pinball Expo events held in Illinois.  The expo is probably the largest event you can attend in the world of Pinball.

Pinball Gallery  -  This is Raphael Lankar's site where you can find info for visiting the Paris Pinball Museum, and lots of info related to Arcades, Bingo, Juke Boxes, Pinball, and Slot Machines.  Just select a topic of interest and get ready to find more info than you thought possible.  Lots of very interesting information for games that date way back.  Also check out his Pinball Museum tour videos.

Pinball Galaxy  -  Go here to find discussion forums to share information and restoration tips as well as general chit-chat. You will also find technical help forums, Chat Rooms for live interaction with other enthusiasts, photo albums to share pictures of your games, modifications, classified ad system to buy, sell, or trade games and parts, an integrated Craigslist system that automactically searches all US cities for a game, an integrated Mr. Pinball classified search system, and podcast feeds for pinball and arcade enthusiasts.

Pinball Glass  -  Need a replacement re-screened backglass?  Check out this site for backglasses for older games that are nearly impossible to find. They also offer plastics for some games too.

Pinball Gottlieb  -  This site features mostly Gottlieb games (and some older game manufacturers sprinkled in the mix) with multiple pictures of each game if you would like to see the games the games that date back to the beginning of Pinball.

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Pinball Hall Of Fame  -  Hopefully you will make an effort to visit The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas to see a truly great collection of Pinball games from a variety of eras.  The games belong to one club member (Tim Arnold), and range from 1950s up to 1990s pinball machines. Note that this is a non-profit museum, housing older games from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s which represent the heyday of Pinball.  Games are there for you to play at very reasonable prices and proceeds go to a worthy cause.  Help Tim and his assistants out by taking a tour, and hopefully, playing as many Pinball games as you can while there at the museum.  This is a rare experience to find so many games located in one place.  I only wish they were down the street from me.

Pinball Hall Of Fame Flyer Reference  -  Great site for finding flyers related to many Pinball games.  Sales from the CD/DVDs is used to build a home in Las Vegas for the world's largest pinball machine collection.

Pinball Head - This is a well-made site that features info related to the world of Pinball. You'll find Pinball gear, news, shows, podcats, profiles, reviews, rumors, tips, videos and all kinds of stuff that should keep you busy for quite a while. You will also find some very nice pictures of games and links to videos related to Pinball.

The Pinball Heaven - All the way from the U.K., check out this site if you are interested in buying a Pinball game or if you need parts. There's also a U.S. link as well for people in the states that are interested in buying a game.

The Pinball History Museum - Very interesting site on the history of Pinball.  Fun site to explore and read up on the history of Pinball as well as arcade related games.  I wish I had one of the penny games they list.

Pinball Inc. - This site features replacement Dot Matrix Display (DMD) boards as well as clear plastic ramps and decals for many popular games. They also sell an Indiana Jones Path of Adventure ramp.

PinballsInc & TiltPinball - Jason has a nice colorful website that includes a listing of Pinball and Video games he has owned, the World Poker Tour Pinball game owners list, a technical page that includes links to electronic parts, games for sale, and a links page of useful information.

Pinball Links  -  This is Michael Burke's (a.k.a. Mikey at rec.games.pinball) site for links to just about everything associated with Pinball. Mikey has an excellent link reference for many, many games listed on his site. He includes links to flyers, rule sheets, information, magazines, history, general info, manufacturers, and technical information. Lots of info here at this well made site.

Pinballlife.com - This site offers many Pinball parts for sale and includes a few game-specific parts as well.  You will find bulbs, leg levelers, switch sets, locks, cleaners and polishes, coil and coil sleeves .... you get the picture, lots of Pinball parts for the collector to bring their game back to life.

Pinball Lifter - This is Bruce's site if you would like to learn more about their Pinball Lifter and Pinball Tilter products. All you need is a motorcycle/ATV lifter such as those that may be found at Sears, Sam's Club, or Costco and then bolt their Pinball Lifter on and you're ready to go. I use a similar motorcycle lifter myself with a wooden frame for raising and moving Pinball games and it makes life a lot easier than dragging them out and shoving them back in with the legs stuttering across the floor. The Pinball tilter is used along with the Pinball Lifter to move a game from the vertical position to the horizontal position allowing a person to add legs to the game. They also have a Pinball Helper product to easily allow a person to remove the legs from a Pinball game.

Pinball Locations - Nice site that includes a map for finding Pinball locations for a state/city of interest.

Pinball - Lure of the Silver Ball - This is the Black Knight's site where he lists his top picks for Pinball games, tech tips, and many other topics.

PinballMachines.com - This site is a well made and features a variety of information on the subject of Pinball. You can also list games that you are interested in selling. There is a discussion forum, free screen savers, and historical information on the various game manufacturers.

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Pinball MadnessPinball Madness sells restored Pinball games on the West coast. Their site provides more info regarding the games they currently have for sale and how to get them.  They also have a short history of Pinball you may find interesting.

Pinball Magazin - No, Magazine isn't misspelled, this is a German site where you can find general tips on Pinball, a variety of references to Bally, Gottlieb, and Williams games, buying advice, game reviews, a discussion forum, and bulletin board. They feature some nice pictures of games with loads of information related to each game. Note that you will need to understand German to understand the site, but you can always use a language converter to read the information in English (for example, Google translate).

Pinball Magazine.comLooking for a high quality Pinball magazine that features glossy thick stock pages with top-notch photos and interesting interviews?  Look no further, this is it.  You can purchase their magazine online and you will also find on their website interesting comments, reviews, and links to interesting stuff related to Pinball.   

Pinball MagicThis is Jesse's website where he specializes in Pinball machine accessories, enhancements, ROM burning, and add-ons.  He also has a nice write-up on using Magic Erasers for Pinball swirl mark removal.

Pinball Machine Sales -  David and Gwen's website featuring a variety of Pinball games they have for sale.  They buy, sell, and trade Pinball games and offer a discount for those interested in buying three or more games.

Pinball ManiaPinball Mania has items for sale such as Pinball games, parts, flyers, arcade flyers, books, comics and records. Just click on the link for what you'd like to buy and you will see the items that are for sale. I enjoyed looking at the records that were for sale since if I had a jukebox, I'd certainly be buying some of them. 

Pinball Medic -  Here is a site for those interested in having repairs done in the Austin, Texas area or mail-in board repairs from anywhere.  They provide other services in addition to repairs such as restoration, parts, EPROM programming, etc., for Pinball games and Video games.  Check out their tech tips to find information on coils, monitor burn-ins, plus a bunch more.

Pinball Museum - You will find information on how to get to the Lone Star Pinball Association Pinball Museum in Texas. They have lots of games from different eras. If you will be in Hockley, Texas, you may want to swing by and check out the games (be sure and make arrangements first).

Pinball Museum - France -  This site features information regarding a Pinball museum in Paris, France.  You will find info related to arcades, Pinball games (a lot of info based on manufacturer and game names with pictures), bingo, jukeboxes, and slot machines.  So if in Paris, arrange to view the museum to view their collection.

Pinball News  -  Views and information on the world of Pinball all the way from the U.K. This site contains a ton of info and is very well organized.

Pinball Ninja  -  This is a nice Webzine/Blog featuring Pinball Ninja's daily Pinball repair tips and tricks, events, reviews, and commentary.

Pinball Nirvana  -  You can explore this site to find many pre-flippered Pinball and novelty games that can be played on your PC. Among their flipperless games are bingos, pachinko and slots, bagatelle, pay outs, commercial coin-ops, counter top, arcade, and video games, and even originals. The site also includes forums, Pinball articles, and a gallery of photos and flyers.

Pinball.org  -  This is one of the older sites related to Pinball that's been on the Internet for quite awhile.  I frequently go by this site just to see what's happening as well as checking out the rules sheets for various games.

Pinball Owners.com  - PinballOwners.com is aimed at anyone who likes Pinball machines and owns at least one game. They welcome any Pinball collection, from 1 to 1,000 games!  You can put your own Pinball Collection online and it's absolutely free of charge, and very easy.  Just sign up on their website, then click add a game to get started!  If you are just looking for a specific Pinball game, type its name in the search box and find out immediately who owns it.

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Pinball Owners Association  - This is a site for all Pinball owners that enjoy playing Pinball and its history.  It is also helpful for those that haven't bought a game yet, but would like to use expert advice in their purchase.

Pinball Painting  - This is Phoebe's site regarding the touchup services she offers for both Pinball backglasses as well as playfield and cabinet touchups.  Have a flaking backglass or playfield with missing artwork, perhaps a cabinet that's gouged and needs a professional touchup?  Maybe you'd like to have clear-coating done to preserve the artwork.  Then give Phoebe a try at pinballpainting.com.

Pinball Pal - This site has a variety of products related to Pinball including decals, backglass and plastics reproductions, TZ switch covers, and cabinet stencils.  This is also an excellent site for understanding color matching for cabinet colors and even lists some games with their color codes for re-paints or touchups.  Note that EasyRGB is a good companion site for color conversions.

Pinball Parts Plus - Go here to find games for sale as well as replacement solid state boards such as the Ni-Wumpf and Ultimate MPU boards for older games.

PinballPCB.com - This company provides a couple of replacement PC (printed circuit) boards for System 6,7,9 games.  You can buy (at a very reasonable price) new display driver boards for System 7 and System 9, speech and sound boards for System 6 and System 7, and they have a replacement System 7 main board that will be coming soon.  The display driver board design allows you to get away from the hard-to-find UDN7180 and UDN6184 chipped board and use easier to find replacement parts.  They also include sockets for all the chips for easy repair.

Pinball Photography - Check out this site if you'd like to buy some very nice Pinball photographs that are certain to be crowd-pleasers in your game room.

Pinball Planet - Steve Campbell's website where you can see some nice pictures of EM Pinball games including restoration projects, and other info related to arcade games such as bowlers. Steve is always on the lookout for buying more games, so if you have EM games you'd like to sell as well as other arcade games, visit his site to learn more.

Pinball Pleasure - Here's a site in England (with a 40 game showroom between A127 and A12 close to the M25 and central London) where they have Pinball and other arcade games for sale, game repair, and spare parts for games.  They sell new and used games and they usually have at least 150 games to choose from dating from the 1930s up to current themes.  If you're in London and looking for Pinball and other arcade games and equipment, or you are interested in getting a game repaired, this may be the site for you.

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PinballPool.de - This is Holger's site in Germany where he lists games and parts for sale as well as offering professional services to address your Pinball needs. You can buy games and parts using an online shopping cart which makes it a lot easier when ordering.

Pinball Pro  -  This is Don Beach's site for Pinball accessories and upgrades located in Seminole, Florida.  This is the place you want to go if you are interested in buying Subwoofer kits that add a more dynamic sound to your game as well as Backbox kits, polish, coolers, laminate, bulletproof plastic protectors, and the chain lock trunk kit for the Theatre of Magic Pinball game.

Pinball Promos  -  Looking for game plastics, promo plastics or Pinball key fobs for most any game?  Check out Gerry's site where he offers a variety of parts for sale or trade.  He also has flyers for most games from many manufacturers.  Lots of plastics here.

Pinball Rebel  -  This is Ken's site where he includes the many Game cards that he's created.  These cards are really neat and I use them in place of the "play" card that comes with the game (the card on the right side of the game that lists the amount of money required to play a game).  Just print them off using a color printer and you're in business.  Very nice addition to anyone's home game collection. Ken's site is interesting in other areas beyond the game cards though, so be sure and check it out.

Pinball Repair and Restoration  -  All the way from Scarborough Beach in Western Australia, Pinball Repair and Restoration is a place where you can get games repaired and restored to their former beauty.  They sell parts, provide local service for game repairs and cleaning, and even have a local artist that assists in the game restoration process for damaged artwork.

Pinball Rescue  -  This is Lee and Gordon's business in Australia where they may quality plastics and decals for older EM games as well as background scenery for games such as pitch and bats. The decals can be used over aprons, scorewheels, spinners, coin doors, flipper bats, etc. These guys are known for their quality work and have a nice selection of parts for the most popular EMs from the 50s and 60s (plus other years for popular games).

The Pinball Resource  -  Good place to buy parts.  Steve is a real good guy with parts and is a pleasure to deal with, especially for the older hard-to-find Gottlieb parts and of course, the common parts for all games.  The best way to buy parts is to send him an email telling him what you're after.  He'll send you back the availability and price of what you want to order.  For first time customers, you send him a check for that amount and he will ship it to you.  You'll also get a customer number that can be used to order parts in the future and when you order your parts, just put your customer number in your email and he'll send you the parts with a bill which you should promptly pay (please don't rip him off since he really provides a great service to us Pinheads and is a trusting person).  He has very fair prices and always stays on top of his orders.

Pinball ROMs  -  Pinball ROMs specializes in one thing - Pinball ROM chips for hundreds of games for all manufacturers.  You can get ROMs burned for the game logic, sound boards, displays, PALs, custom and home versions, etc.  The prices are low and the service is great.

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The Pinball Shop  -  This is a site where you can order a variety of parts online, especially for older Pinball, baseball, bowling, and other games as well.  Too many part types to list so swing by and view what they have for sale.  The quality photos of older Gottlieb game backglasses is worth the visit even if you don't need any parts.

Pinball Spare Parts Australia  -  Here is Mark Culbert's site located in Australia, where you can buy a multitude of parts for various manufactured games. We're talking pinballs, cleaning supplies, coils, cabinets, decals, electrical parts and boards, manuals, lamps, used parts, tools, and much more. Not only do they sell parts, but they have experienced staff that can repair and restore your games. They supply information about their warranty, shipping and returns and other information you may want to know when buying their parts. Although in Australia, the shipping price would probably be higher when shipping to the U.S.A., but you may still find what you need at a reasonable price.

Pinball UK  - Visit Pinball UK's site if you are interested in buying or selling Pinball games in the UK. They use their restoration skills to get games in 100% working order to ensure games work as advertised.  They too are collectors, and hand pick games they offer to the public based on what they would want in their collection.  You will find games from Data East, Bally, Williams, and Stern and they sell other classic arcade games as well.  They show games that are regularly in stock, so if you are looking for a game and live in the UK, you may want to visit their website for more info on what they have available and how to contact them.

PinBally's Pinball  -  This is Cindy's home page showing her beautiful game room that is stocked with a fine collection of Pinball games and other memorabilia. Check out the flooring, walls, games, and all the signage that makes this game room look outstanding.  Wish my game room looked even a tenth as nice as this one.  Nice job Cindy.

Pinbotz  -  The site is currently being renewed and the decals that were for sale have been sold to Pinball Decals Inc.

PinRestore  -  This is Scot's site where he sells products and tools for restoring Pinball games.  You'll find a variety of items for sale that can be used for things such as replacing the blued spring steel used in ramps, odor eliminators, cleaners, adhesive tapes, and associated items.  Scot is an honest seller and his quality for detail is exceptional.  You won't find better service when buying products on the Internet.

PinballSales.com  -  Here is a site out of Lakewood New Jersey to explore when you are interested in buying a game or want to read about what to be aware of when considering purchasing a game.  They have quite a collection (300 or more) and from what I've seen on RGP they have a good reputation. This site is also known as Jersey Jack Pinball.

Pinball Shippers  -  Do you need to ship a Pinball game?  If you bought one that needs to be shipped to you, or you need to ship a game to someone else, look no further.  Call 888-662-6261 and arrange to have your game shipped via the A-1 Freeman North American & STI folks.  They have a history of shipping many arcade items, so they are familiar with what it takes to ship your game at a reasonable price, while ensuring it arrives in a timely manner.

Pinball Spare Parts - Australia  -  Looking for some spare parts for your Pinball game and live in Australia, or want parts shipped from Australia to your home?  If so, this may be the site for you.  They stock a variety of parts similar to some sellers here in the States.

Pinball Spinner Art  -  This is Mark Jensen's very good site to visit if you need to either download or donate spinner art.  Frequently the spinner decals get chewed up pretty bad to the point you don't even know how the original artwork appeared.  This site provides many us with the opportunity to create our own spinner decals that may no longer be available.

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Pinball Universe  -  This is Denis' site where he lists games and some parts for sale including repro plastics for various games. I bought my Attack From Mars and White Water games from him and was very happy with the games and his service. Send him some email regarding a game you may be interested in buying since although it may not be posted on his website, he may still have one for sale.  This is one business I would recommend to contact for buying a Pinball game based on my personal experience.  Denis is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Pinball Warehouse  -  A Minnesota home Pinball dealer where you can trade in your old game for a new one, or just buy one.  As they say, "we sell fun" which includes Pinball, Darts, Jukeboxes, Video games, Foosball and Neon signs.  All games are for sale or rent for your special event.

Pinball Webstore  -  Interested in posting Pinball items for sale or interested in buying something for your Pinball game?  Then go to the Pinball Webstore, a friendly online marketplace for buying and selling pinball machines, pinball parts, just about anything for your pinball game where there are no fees transaction fees.  Their site was introduced in July of 2007, so they are somewhat new to the scene, but check them out as an alternative to online auctions where fees are involved.  Some of the items are for auction, but others are for sale at a set price.

PinballWex  -  This is Ira's website where he fetures a nice photo gallery of his various EM Pinball games as well as other arcade games from yesteryear. Ira also has a Pinball Clock that he created using a Magic City backbox plus the scorewheels and an electronic controller he built to show the time using the scorewheels. Nice photos of interesting games are to be found here.

The Pinball Wizard  -  Here's another site where you can buy Pinball parts for your game as well as other home arcade related items such as foosball and darts.

Pinball Wizzard  -  Pinball Wizzard is located in Southern New Jersey where a variety of parts and arcade games are offered for sale.  Games can be viewed at their location before purchasing and they even offer local game rentals to meet your party needs.  See their website for shipping instructions both locally and internationally.  The website lists the current games for sale with info regarding the price and condition of each game.

The Pinball Zone  -  You will find lots of information related to Twilight Zone as well as a rubber ring database, a FAQ, links to other sites, league information, other collections, and movie Pinball sightings.

Pinbits  -  Pinbits sells Pinball parts and upgrades for a variety of games.  They sell Cliffy's protectors, riveting tools, plastics, general purpose parts, bright LEDs, hardware, Gottlieb parts, and electronics that are commonly replaced.  All this at very reasonable prices that can be bought online using a shopping cart.

pinGame journal  -  Check out the site and sign up for the pinGame journal magazine. Can order back issues too. Some issues include game flyers, plastics, and lots of info I'm sure you will find interesting.  I subscribe to this magazine and can't wait to get it.

PinGeek.com  -  This is Josh Kaplan's site where he offers many event show videos for sale as well as other videos he makes while traveling around the world of Pinball.  You'll be hard pressed to find a person more enthusiastic about the world of Pinball.

Pinlinks.org  -  This is a great site for links to many web pages all dedicated to Pinball.  You will find links to games, owners lists (a great way to contact others and register your own game), manufacturers and technical information, flyers, rule sheets, history and magazines.  Lots of links that are easy to follow.

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Pin-logic  -  Tom Callahan's site for buying various Pinball circuit boards including free tech tips and a board repair service. He also sells the Theatre of Magic animated saw kit as an add-on for the stationary saw in stock games. You'll find a Bally replacement power board, add-on credit switch for a Bally coin door, a Xenon blue light strip and transport tube and other items as well.

Pinminster  -  This is Frank's site where he lists information about the games he has owned, wants to sell, or buy. He also has a Pinball news and information section, as well as Pinball rankings combining the IPDB and Pinside rating into a combine ranking list, Pinball links indicating his favorite websites, a Pinball Blog that he tries to keep up to date, a For Sale section when he has games to sell, and the Pinminster section of the website devoted to the annual Pinminster tournament. Check out Frank's site to see even more info.

Pinnovations  -  Terry Cumming has some interesting information related to a Solar Ride project he started where he used an old Solar Ride game coupled with the idea of using a PC to control it.  There's lots of information on this site that illustrates the original goals (and documented as they changed) and what it took to reach those goals using electronics and computer skills to couple the PC with the game itself.  Very interesting read and well documented.  Now if this wasn't enough, he has even more info here regarding old arcade games, ad catalogs, and a variety of links to interesting Pinball-related info.  Check out his other 1930s info that isn't necessarily Pinball, but still interesting.

Pinnovations - 1930s  -  Terry Cumming also has this site which is dedicated to the 1930s decade and in to the 1940s.  The site features a slant towards pinball but also includes other topics related to history and pop culture of the 1930s.  Interesting information related to this bygone era.

Pinpartshop  -  This is Morten's website where his goal is to have some of Europe's best prices on the most used pinball spare parts.  In his shop you will find a wide selection of bulbs and accessories, flipper Rubber and rings, playfield parts, cabinet and leg parts, polishers, wax and cleaners, flipper parts, electronics, springs, nuts & screws, coils & coil Sleeves as well as tools and game specific parts.

Pinpoint Electronics  -  Pinpoint Electronics specializes in replacement circuit boards for Pinball and arcade games. They will also create a custom engineering solution if you need one. If you are interested in how power supplys work you will find a power supply theory section on their website that explains the subject using easy-to-understand verbiage.

PinRestore  -  Visit Scot's site to buy Pinball restoration products that includes excellent customer service with every purchase online.  Tired of a game smelling like cigarette smoke?  Check out his products for treating this as well as other game ills.  You will also find ground braided wire for sale which can be very hard to find.  Although I've mentioned just a couple of items, Scot has a lot of products that you should see by visiting his well-made site.  Scot is a frequent contributor to RGP (rec.games.pinball - look for Bogart).

Pins and Needles  -  This is a site featuring information for local Pinheads in the Los Angeles area focused on the local league as well as high scores for various games with the names of the best players in the area.  They also have a unique collection of games from the late 70s, early 80s and some EMs, as well as more modern games.  If you plan to be in the area and want to play some games, check out this website to learn more.

Pinside  -  Here is a site that offers a lot of information related to Pinball. It includes user stories, a Pin Map, a nice forum where you can discover tons of info related to Pinball, event information, user ratings, scores, pictures that users have uploaded, ads, and user collections. This is a place where Pinball fans from all over the world gather to read, write, review and discuss Pinball.

Pinwest.net  -  Looking for a cover for your Pinball games?  Then look no further and head towards this site to view a quality Pinball game cover that fastens easily and looks nice.  You can also find the "Ball Sack" for those that like to keep their Pinballs in a protective sack.

Pinwiki  -  Pinwiki is a wiki designed for information about Pinball games. You will find Pinball repair guides, history, and much more. The site also includes forums for discussing anything related to Pinball. You will find repair guides and uselful information and I expect the site to get larger and larger as more and more people contribute Pinball-related info as time marches on.

PinWizman  -  Here is a nice site for viewing Rob's collection of games, games he's interested in buying, games he has for sale, a game room that looks top notch (very nice!), games he has in the works for restoration, and a chronology of various Pinball acquisitions, restorations, and sales. This is a very nice site revealing Rob's talents for restoring games that include lots of pics.

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Pinzach  -  Head to this site if you are interested in RGPL ranks and scoring. You will also find some nice custom cards, RGP game rankings (always a subjective area of discussion), a backglass quiz, and some pinanigan cartoons to make you smile.

Planetary Pinball Supply - Planetary Pinball Supply manufactures, sells, and distributes replacement Pinball spare parts under license of Williams which includes Bally. They have an online store where you can buy cabinet decal sets, plastics, decals, playfields, manuals, translites, backglasses, pop bumper caps, drop targets, EPROMs, molded plastic parts, inserts, and trim parts. Planetary Pinball is the company that bought the Williams/Bally rights from Mr. Pinball Australia and decided to actually do something with the rights rather than constantly send out cease and desist orders as the previous company pursued. Let's hope they are successful in their pursuit of all things Pinball.

Playfield Restoration - Need a playfield restored and live in Australia?  Check this site out.  There are plenty of before and after pictures showing the work they do and it's amazing how well they took old games worn down to bare wood and restored them to look like new.  The KISS playfield looks to be one of the worst I've ever seen, but the "after" picture looks beautiful.

Play Pinball.net  -  Here's a place to buy Pinball, Video, Redemption games, Pachinkos, and other various games listed on their site.  They are located near Atlanta, Georgia and are available for local pickup or long distance delivery for those that are out of town.   They are also interested in buying games and game room items if you have any you would like to sell.

Popbumper.com  -  Rob sells DVD titles that cover many aspects of Pinball from repair to Pinball Expo with DVDs from others.  You will also find gameroom pictures articles and reviews.  I have purchased all of his DVDs and find them very entertaining and informative. Be sure to check out his podcasts at Silverball Podcasts for an interesting listen.

Prewar Pinball - As they say on their website - This website is dedicated to the collection, restoration, and enjoyment of some of the rarest, most interesting Pinball machines ever made.

Project Pinball - Project Pinball is a charity that places Pinball machines in Children's Hospitals providing children with a chance to have fun while having the fantastic experience of learning how to play our favorite game - Pinball!

Ray's Home Page  -  Ray has some pictures of various games he has including some Gottlieb System 80 games, but in particular, he has a Time Line Pinball game he restored.  Check out the Time Line game to view his restoration pictures and read some of the things he encountered when restoring his game.  You'll also find a number of high res pictures of his game collection showing many views of the games from different angles.

rec.games.pinball (RGP)  -  You will find many interesting topics of discussion on this news group for Pinball enthusiasts.  When I have a problem that I can't solve, I post the question and voila - the potential solutions start rolling in.  I've solved many problems and found other interesting sites and tons of info as a result of tapping in to this news group.  This site has hundreds of postings in a single day.

REEL Pinball  -  Located in Cleveland, Ohio, REEL Pinball focuses on classic arcade games from the 70s and earlier (although they do sell newer games now and then). They sell games and offer a repair service that is thorough and what you want when you have your arcade game repaired (based on their detailed desription of what they do during a restoration effort). They know bowling, baseball, driving, gun, and Pinball games, and you may find a used playfield you've been looking for as well.

Reproduce Playfield Plastics Guide - Although you won't find any pictures to help with the explanation of how to reproduce playfield plastics, you may still find some interesting info related to the process used for creating your own playfield plastics.

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Restoring Arcade & Pinball Games - This is another top quality guide by Clay regarding the restoration process for arcade and Pinball games.  He introduces you to the tools that will be necessary for your restoration and proceeds by discussing the cabinet and backglass, flippers and pop bumpers, performance tips, and the playfield.  In addition to detailed text instructions, you will find many pictures that are used to illustrate the restoration process and make your restoration effort a successful endeavor.  Don't miss this helpful guide (or any of the other guides by Clay for that matter)!

RetroBlast! - RetroBlast! is a site regarding "retrogaming" that allows many of us to play Pinball and Video games that we don't own, via MAME.  This site is about home arcade gaming news and reviews, whether it's Pinball or Video games and a very well constructed site worth visiting.  You will also find reviews regarding some Pinball game add-ons, and software and hardware reviews. Lots of info on this site.

Retro Game Connection - Visit this site to learn more about the CelebrityPinball4Autism.com's upcoming events which provides info regarding upcoming Pinball tournaments, a game list, sponsors, prices, maps and anything else you would need to know regarding their tournament and shows.

Retro Pinball - Retro Pinball is a new coin-operated Pinball manufacturer focused on bringing the classic Pinball game back to the arcade industry and game rooms. The company is under the direction of partners such as Herb Silvers, Gene Goodman, Reinhard Bangerter, and Mike Patz. Their list of games isn't that long - yet, but hopefully they will produce many more new games that keep the silver ball rolling.

Rita Park Arcade - This is Scott's website where he features some of his Pinball games and other coin-op arcade games he owns. He lists his games and will add photos as he builds out his site.

RGPL - This site features some of the folks from RGP and shows league standings based on games that are played.  I like their motto - "Honor, Skills, Trash Talking." Think you have high scores on your games, check out their high scores and see how you fair.

Rick's Game Repair - Rick specializes in the repair and restoration of Arcade Videos and late model Pinball machine in the Chicago area.  There are games for sale as well as info regarding some interesting projects.

Ring Of Pinball - This is the largest ring in the world associated with Pinball games.  You can go here to view many Pinball-related topics and find others interested in this great hobby.

Robert's Scared Stiff Home Page  -  This is the place to go to register your Scared Stiff game as well as check on the variety of items Robert sells regarding this fun game as well as others. This is really THE place to go for Scared Stiff info.  You will also find info on game toppers, game mods, and restorations related to other popular Pinball games.  Robert has a well written article (including pictures) on "dry" vs. "wet" methods for installing cabinet decals.  Very informative.

Rob's Gameroom - Visit Rob Bell's site to see what a serious collector's game room looks like.  He has a nice collection of collectable games of various types (Pinball and Video) as well as a nice gameroom theme that includes signage, plaques, neon signs, wall decoration, and colorful lighting that provides a definite gameroom feel.  He even has stools for the many people that come to play his games (I'd hate to see his electric bill).  Rob also hosts the T2 and Bram Stoker's Dracula owners list for those of you that own these fine games.

Rob's TZ and CFTBL Page - A page featuring lots of pictures regarding Twilight Zone as well as Creature From The Black Lagoon (two games I personally have and love). Maybe you slipped up and don't remember where a plastic goes? One of Rob's pictures will probably tip you off.

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Rock Around The Clock - Rock Around The Clock specializes in buying, selling, trading, service, repair and some restorations of coin operated vintage amusement equipment, game room accessories and neon, coke and other soda machines, sound and antique radio equipment. All coin operated equipment items are fully restored or refurbished and ready for your home or game room.  You'll find a well made site with lots of items related to the coin operated industry that will fit nicely in your game room.

Rose City Pinball - Rose City Pinball's goal is to promote Pinball in Portland, Oregon and the greater northwest areas.  Their main focus is establishing and promoting competitive Pinball through their support of major tournaments ald local weekly events.  They also film matches at major tournaments that include tutorial and color commentary.  If you live in the area and your game needs some work, they also feture repair and restoration services for any era of games.  You'll find links to tournaments, videos and lots of other info at their website.

Rottendog Amusements - Site for buying new replacement boards for Pinball games including power supply and TZ clock boards.  My description is short, but Rottendog Amusements is known for quality boards.

R&R Pinball  - This is a site where you can buy Pinball and Video games as well as decals, plastics, a variety of parts, and ramps for various games. They will also ship games to a location near you at a very reasonable price.

RTBB  - Here is another site dedicated to selling Pinball parts in Australia.  They sell some game-specific parts as well as many other parts that can be used for restoring a Pinball game.

Russ Jensen's Home Page  -  Russ Jensen was an "old-timer" in the world of pinball and was widely recognized as a specialist regarding historical info of the pinball games that we all love and enjoy.  Lots of the pictures found in the International Pinball Database originated with Russ.  Russ is no longer with us, but to the many that met and spoke with Russ, he will long be remembered for his contribution to pinball.

San Diego Pinball Club  - This is the home of the San Diego (California) Pinball Club.  As they say, if you like to play Pinball, talk about Pinball, collect Pinball games, restore Pinball games, or sell Pinball games, this site is for you.  They have monthly meetups and you can visit their site to find locations where you can play and find reviews of tournaments.

The Sands Mechanical Museum  -  A site by Michael Sands covering a variety of old (really old) Pinball games and other coin-operated games and mechanical wonders.  Fun site to read and very informative.  I enjoyed reading how the "Shoot the Bear" game worked as I always wondered how that game operated.  Interesting site.

Seacord's Pinball Page  -  Steve provides a list of his games with links to pages where he describes his experience with each game. Interesting reading and some good photos too.

Sega Pinball Page  -  This site provides sound files associated with Sega Pinball games.

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Shay Arcade Group  -  The Shay Arcade Group reproduction backglasses are professionally crafted to the most exacting standards, matching the original artwork as closely as possible.  New screens are created and the colors are silk screened onto glass, just as the originals were made.  A few backglasses are silk screened onto plexiglass, as noted below.  Production runs are small, so quantities are limited.  But out-of-stock backglasses are often re-run to meet new demand so don't despair if the backglass you seek is listed as out of stock.  Check the left side of this page for new and re-run backglasses on the way. If you don't see your backglass for sale, you might want to send the an email asking if they have one anyway. They just might have one put aside that they are willing to sell.

Shifted Bit Systems  -  Shifted Bit Systems designs and develops solutions for the pinball hobbyist. Check out their products page to get more information on their current product line.  They have a product named the "Ewe 22" that is a functional alternative to the U22/G10 Security PIC IC used in all WPC-S and WPC-95 pinball machines. Each Ewe 22 is custom made to a particular game title. Their product appears to be easy to install and a cost-effective replacement for all WPC-S/WPC-95-based games.  So if you have a missing PIC or yours is bad, check them out.

Siege Craft  -  This is Hans' site where he provides valuable information on restoring Pinball games plus other information regarding making decals. Be sure and check out his artwork for replacing Black Knight pop bumper cap decals.

Silverball Podcasts  -  This is where you will find Rob Craig's Pinball podcasts where he explores a variety of Pinball-related subjects along with his friend Steve Rothschild. Listen to the shows as you work on Pinball games (just like I do), or download the MP3 files of the shows and listen while driving to work. Makes an excellent way to learn a few things and enjoy the Pinball hobby at the same time.

Skill Shot  - You will find information related to the Seattle Pinball scene at this site. There is news and gossip, a calendar featuring upcoming events in the area, information about tournaments and local Pinheads that are ranked in the IFPA and WPPR, local tournament results, feature stories, tips on how to play, and a map of the local area where you can find games to play. You can also sign up for their very reasonably priced Skill Shot issues that features interesting articles.

Slamtilt  -  Visit this site to view various clothing items that are for sale, as well as Pinball parts.  The site is owned by Daniel in Sweden, and shows a variety of shirts with Pinball artwork.  I like the skull T-shirt and find it to be quite artistic.

Southern Pinball Forum  -  This is the Southern Pinball Forum where you can learn about upcoming events, forum posts regarding Pinball, Arcade, Video Consoles, for sale or trade, and many other topics.

Space Shuttle Playfield Renovation  -  There is another link for Ed Cheung's nice site on many things Pinball, but his restoration of a Space Shuttle Playfield renovation deserved its own link. Ed takes you through the background and the steps he used to renovate his playfield as well as some information on building his own playfield rotisserie. Check it out.

Special When Lit - The Movie  -  This is a new movie that explains the history of Pinball. It looks very cool (although I haven't seen more than trailers yet), and I can't wait for its general release. Very nice video quality and content judging by the trailers.

Spirit of 76 Restoration  -  Dave Pauk does an excellent job showing us his steps to restore a Gottlieb Spirit of 76 EM game.  Dave has lots of pictures with descriptions for each picture outlining what he did to restore his game.  Good job Dave!

Spooky Pinball  -  Visit Charlie and K.T.'s site to hear some interesting pod casts for Pinball related fun. Their family has good clean fun and it sounds like a family every kid whishes hey could have. You know, a family where there are kids having fun, and the parents are kids having fun too. Bryan Kelly's addition to the podcasts brings it on home with a few bleeped out observations by the oratory wonder. Download the podcasts so that you can have fun listening and learing abuot the world of Pinball while you fix a game or just find yourself sorting the sock drawyer. It works everywhere for every occasion.

Sports Coin Operated Games  -  Once again, Clay has done the research and taken the time to capture the history of sports coin operated games, manikin, and mechanical animation sports games at his website.  For those that haven't played a pitch and bat game, you should really give it a try since the games are quite fun, especially games that can be simultaneously played by two players (one person controls the pitches, the other the bat).  Clay's information isn't just about pitch and bat games since he also covers other games such as Skee Ball and basketball games.  The pictures are of high quality and includes some flyers as well.

SS Billiards  -  Looking for a place to play Pinball, Video, or Pool in a safe and secure location in the Twin Cities area?  Then check out Lloyd Olson's site where you can find more information regarding their operational hours, list of excellent Pinball and Video games that you can play, upcoming tournaments, games for sale, and other info.  His Goose Egg even sounds like a lot of fun.  I have some games that could qualify without even rigging them up (check out this site to learn more).

Stern Pinball  -  Stern is now the only maker of Pinball games since Williams decided to leave the business in mid-1999.

Steve Ritchie  -  If you've owned Pinball games, then you must be aware of Steve Ritchie, the famous Pinball game engineer and designer. Visit his site to find many items for sale that include autographed translites, flyers, historic Pinball game photos, design prints, and much more. Be sure and check out his history page describing how he got started and the many things he did in the Pinball world including his long and impressive game list (as well as "firsts" for Pinball design).

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Steve Kulpa's Pinball Page  -  Steve is a frequent contributor to rec.games.pinball (RGP) and has great info covering a variety of topics associated with Pinball.  He has lots of information regarding Gottlieb and Bally/Williams games where you can learn detailed repairs and descriptions for how many things work in a Pinball game that can help you troubleshoot your own game.  Steve also includes interesting details around display units for folks that have older gas displays. He's also a fellow Joker Poker collector and anyone that likes that game as much as me, is alright in my book.  He also hosts a "Faces of RGP" section where you can view the contributors to the RGP newsgroup.

Steve Channel  -  This guy is a nut.  I think he has way too much time on his hands.  Actually, you're viewing one of the pages of SteveChannel.com right this moment and I thought I should at least add my own link just in case someone out there didn't know where they landed.

System11.org  -  James' site provides all kinds of information and resources on System 11 games, including reviews, rule sheets, photos, technical refs (manuals, cards), even ROMs should you need to upgrade your machine. This information has been gathered from a number of sources, including the IPDB from which many of the facts were sourced.

Tales Of The Arabian Nights Owners Page  -  This is Aswin's site dedicated to TOTAN game owners.

Talk Pinball  -  Nice site for listening to webcasts related to the Pinball hobby.  You can listen to past shows in a mp3 format where you can learn many facets of the Pinball world.  Shows include guests and tips for Pinball enthusiasts.

Team-EM  -  This site offers you the expertise provided by Team-EM members that are knowledgeable about Electro-Mechanical (EM) Pinball games.  The team consists of EM devotees interested in keeping EM games alive and well and are willing to help others fix their games.  They know other games too, but their EM knowledge is invaluable and a great resource for those encountering problems with their EM games.  You click on a link and ask your question and one or more of the team members will get back with you making recommendations for how to solve your problem.  And what if they can't solve your problem, i.e., you stump the panel?  They donate one dollar to one of several charities.  Great group of folks and a resource that can't be beat!

Texas Pinball Festival  -  I bought a DVD of the Texas Pinball Festival and I have to say that this Pinball show appears to be well-run with some classy people not only organizing the event, but attendees as well.  If you plan to be in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area you may want to check this page to see when the next festival will occur.

This Old Pinball  -  You really should check out these tapes!  They are funny, informative, and reveal tips that every home owner should have regarding repair of various Pinball games.  The primary "stars" are Shaggy (Clay) and Norm along with help by Tim Arnold.  I own every tape and would highly recommend them.  The baseball games are interesting too.  I bought Tim Arnold's tapes on older games and find them informative and fun to view as well.  For the current price of 6 dollars which covers the cost of the tape and shipping you can't beat this deal.  Buy them all, you won't be disappointed.

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Tilt!  -  This is an Italian Pinball home page, but the link to the site will take you to the English version. This site is run by Frederico Croci who is known for his fine taste in Pinball games.  His site includes manuals, flyers, books, magazines, stories, Italian game ROMs, and a ton of other information including pictures.  Check out his books links and let Frederico know of any books that he may be missing (kind of doubt it with that long list of books!).

Tilt Amusements  -  TILT Amusements is the #1 resource for pinball enthusiasts and venue managers to browse, buy, troubleshoot and find out more about pinball machines because they're owned and operated by pinball enthusiasts. Prices are very fair and Trent has a great reputation for delivering as promised. You won't go wrong ordering a game from Tilt or obtaining other services from this great team.

Tim's Site  -  Tim's site contains many high resolution pictures showing his Pinball games, restoration work, repainting a cabinet, gameroom, and other pictures related to his Pinball hobby.

Tiny URLThis isn't a Pinball site of course, but it is the place where you can go to generate a "tiny URL" for pasting in documents that may read rather long without the tiny URL conversion. Just paste in the URL you want to convert and click the convert button. Paste the generated URL in a document or Email and it will read a lot easier while taking up less space. For example, my site would normally be http://www.stevechannel.com/pinballlinks.htm but with the tiny URL conversion it becomes http://tinyurl.com/375znpx.

TNT Amusements  -  Todd refurbishes Pinball and Arcade video games, Jukeboxes, Shuffle Bowling Alleys, Skeeball, and more.  Todd has a good reputation in the business and not only repairs games, but refurbishes them for resale and also sells new games as well.  You will find a very large selection of games, parts and paper.  Visit his website to learn more.

Tom's Twilight Zone Pinball Machine Accessories - Tom's site covers a variety of fixes and accessories that can be added to your Twilight Zone to make it even more attractive.  He provides items such as Gumballs, a Powerfield and Gumball Light Kit, Spiral Sign, Robby Robot, a Diverter Magnet Kit, a TZ Tips and Tweaks section, and many other items that you should check out.

Tony's Video Arcade Classics Page  -  Valuable site for useful information including photos, Big Bear's Bulletin Board where many interesting topics are discussed, and the arcade forum.  You will find articles such as battery replacement, game weight and heights, PCB schematic scans, cabinet paint color codes, and tons more interesting information.  Be sure and check out this site!

Tony's Web Site - Welcome to Tony Dziedzic's web site where you will find pictures and information related to the various coin-op devices Tony collects as well as some Pinball game mods for Fish Tales and Twilight Zone.  Tony also includes a very nice tutorial on how to replace your WPC-era Pinball game speakers.  Very nice.

TOPcast Pinball Radio on the Internet - Go to this site to hear (and see via the webcam) an Internet radio show focused on the world of Pinball.  The show includes special guests full of interesting historical information as well as tips for repairing games and a wide variety of other subjects related to the Pinball hobby.  The show is hosted by Norm and Shaggy of This Old Pinball fame and while you're at it, be sure and buy some, if not all, of their This Old Pinball videos covering a variety of subjects.  You will also find a link to restoration web pages that cover everything you want to know about Pinball games from past years.  Past shows can be downloaded for review at your convenience.

Treasure Cove Pinball  -  This site features Pinball games that may be for sale, as well as add-ons, instruction card sets, and decals.  Serving the Louisville, Kentucky area and the world via the Internet, Allen is known for detailing games beyond what most would expect.  Be sure and check the many offerings at Treasure Cove Pinball.

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Tumblers  -  Pinheads often use tumblers (the kind used to clean brass ammunition shells) to clean their parts when restoring games.  Good tumblers are Berry's (the kind I use), Dillon (look for a vibratory case cleaner), and Lyman (look for Lyman Turbo Tumblers).  Reasonably priced and seem to last forever.  You can buy the walnut media at local pet stores for a low price.  Just ask them if they have walnut media used for parrot cages.

Tuukka's Personal Pages - Visit Tuukka's site to view some interesting Pinball history notes as well as repair and restoration, making repro backglasses and a host of other very informative stuff related to Pinball. He also has pictures of his game collection as well as games he's owned in the past.  Very nice site and very well written with high quality pictures.  This site is in Finnish as well as English.

Twilight Zone Mod FAQ  -  You will find many modifications for a Twilight Zone at this site that illustrates the many things you can do to personalize your TZ.  If there's a mod out there for TZ, it's listed on this page.

Twin Galaxies  -  Good site for checking out Pinball scores, player rankings, gaming statistics, and championship tournaments.  You can also buy books, posters, mugs, and T-shirts.  Lots of information regarding scores across the world.

Two Plays25  -  This is Scott's Pinball Page covering a variety of games. You may have seen Scott's answers to questions posted on rec.games.pinball if you are an avid Pinball enthusiast. He offers assistance for many types of problems in the News Group (helped me out with a stubborn TOM problem).  He has a nice collection with photos showing it.  Check out his parts link too since he may have a part you are after or maybe some parts you'd like to sell.

2 Coins Per Play  -  You will find that this Canadian archive site has some very interesting info regarding game restoration.  The archive set includes graphics, audio, electronics, and technical information related to arcade games.  Check out the games link to view some of the restoration work that Steve Lewinsky has done on a variety of his games.

UFO Pinball  -  This is Bill Ung's site that covers a nifty add-on for Attack From Mars Pinball games.  He's made a circuit board for the smaller saucers that have easily-inserted red LEDs that will flash varying patterns based on game play.  Bill sells this mini-saucer LED kit via his website and it gets great reviews. He has also anounced the Attack From Mars expansion kit feature enhanced Super Jets, animated backglass GI, mothership attack hallway LEDs, and mini-saucer LED blackout during strobe multiball and video mode. To learn more, you will find a video of this new expansion kit.

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UK Pinball Party -  Here's a site in the UK where you can find information about the UK Pinball Party that represents the UK's showcase Pinball event. Folks from all over Europe and even the world will discover something for everyone. Many of the pinheads from the UK Pinball Group (a Yahoo group) bring their games for everyone to enjoy. You will find games to play, tournaments to join, prizes to be won, and lots of information related to the world of Pinball at their events.

UK Pinball Show -  Check out the website to learn more info about the upcoming Pinball show in the UK.  You can also find more information regarding showing your Pinball games, exhibiting, and advertising at the show.

Vacuum Forming Plastic Game Parts  -  Do you have a rare plastic part missing or broken that can't be purchased any longer and you need to replace it?  Clay describes the process for vacuum forming your own part so that you can replace that hard-to-find part and complete your game restoration.  He also includes a tutorial on making your own custom water-slide decals since you will probably need to add a decal to your new plastic part.

Vintage Electro Mechanical Games - I personally love EM games of all types and you may find yourself falling in love with these beauties as well.  Clay has some nice pictures of vintage EM games that brings back the thought of the old days using pictures and and a great historical perspective.  The games he discusses are Fortune Tellers, Arcade Games, Digger/Cranes, Gun Games, and other Penny Arcade games prior to 1977.  Very interesting info.

Vintage Gottlieb Pinball - Want to read some really interesting info about vintage Gottlieb Pinball games?  Then check out Clay's site for some fascinating insight into these old games.

Vintage Penny Arcades - Clay has assembled some pictures of arcades, restaurants, drug stores and anything else they could find that reveals pictures of games.  These pictures illustrate what was popular at the time and reveals just how important arcades were back in the old days when they were an integral part of society.

Vintage Pinball Store - The Vintage Pinball Store website was built to help Pinball fanatics to find the parts they need for their games. They have lots of info regarding parts a newsletter, blog, articles, and various projects they've worked on.

Vintage Williams Pinball - Not only does Clay have some very interesting information regarding vintage Gottlieb Pinball games and other topics listed above, but he's also done the research for vintage Williams Pinball games as well.  Williams, like Gottlieb, was an important manufacturer of games during this time and you will find the revelations interesting, and fun.

Vinyl Sources - Sources for vinyl that can be used for creating your own decals are at papilio.com and mediastreet.com.

Virginia Pinball.org - For those of you that live in the Fairfax, Virginia area, you may want to visit this site to learn more about monthly Pinball tournaments that are held.  Great way to meet friends and learn more about playing in tournaments as well as playing games you may not own just yet.

Visible Pinball Machine - The Visible Pinball Machine was built by Michael Shiess of the Lucky JuJu Pinball Arcade and will be on display for the first time at the 2007 Pacific Pinball Expo. Don't let the date worry you, the pictures are all there and show the fascinating details of the innards and outards of a Pinball game.

Visual Pinball - This is the site to see if you are interested in playing Visual Pinball on your computer. Includes a FAQ for which software to download as well as links to other sites where you can get "Tables" that have the look and feel (sometimes the sound too) of the most popular Pinball games.

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We Buy Pinball - This is Aaron's site where you can find Pinball games (actually, arcade games of any type) that are for sale in your area. This site provides buyers and sellers with the information needed to buy and/or sell arcade games so that everyone benefits from this valuable service. The best part is that it is 100% free!

Weir Pinball - Scott's website where you can buy mod kits for your Pinball game, view his picture gallery, restoration photos illustrating the work he has done to restore games, and photos of his gameroom. Scott buys, sells, restores, and collects Pinball games in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Whiz Bang Pinball - This is a site by Greg Freres (famous artist on one m favovite games - Fathom, as well as many more including Medieval Madness) and Dennis Nordman (designed some of my favovites like Scared Stiff, Pirates of the Caribbean, and White Water). When you go to this sit you will see the dynamic duo in action where you can read about the Whoa Nellie Big Juicie Melons Pinball game. The game has lots of interesting sounds, layout is great, lots of pop bumpers and lanes, and plenty of things to do. I met Dennis and Greg at the Denver Pinball Showdown in April of 2012 and got to spend some time talking with them about how they got started and even got a couple of T-shirts and a poster signed by Greg and Dennis. Cool guys that are easy to talk with. Look forward to meeting them again where I can hear more about the old days. Good luck to these two Pinball beacons of skill.

Wizpin Pinball - Located in Marbella, Spain this is Melle's site where they feature hardware and software solutions for creating DIY Pinball games. They have designed an easy to use controller board that can be programmed to control your ultimate game. They expect to start selling their controller boards in the summer of 2015.

The Wolf Den - Great site for info on the Theatre of Magic Pinball game. I own one and think that the game is one of the best ever made, if not one of the most beautiful games (Cirque Voltaire, Tales Of The Arabian Nights, and Theatre Of Magic are the top three most beautiful games in my opinion). This site includes the latest ROM versions, plastic scans, rule sheet, instruction and pricing cards, and details about the game. Well made personal site.

World Pinball Directory  -  Did I mention the world?  That's right, we're talking the world here.  Check out this site since this is a good place to go to sign up or find other members associated with the World Pinball Directory.

World Pinball Rankings  -  Go here to view the current world rankings of Pinball players from all countries.

Wotto's Pinball Restoration -  This is an excellent site to see what goes in to restoring a Flash Pinball game (one of my favorites) along with other how-to tips.  He does a top-notch job describing his process as well as photos to show the various steps.  He shows you how he built a cabinet, made stencils for repainting the artwork, flattening warped plastics, and other very detailed information.  Be sure to check out the Black Knight section too.  Wotto often updates his pages as he tackles new projects and provides clear pictures to illustrate his discussion.  Other games are listed as well as some PinMAME info.

WrongCrowd  -  Matt is a Pinball collector in Kirkland, WA interested in solid-state games from the late '80s to today, mostly focused on DMDs.  If you're a Pinhead and in the area he says you are welcome to try out his games and he'll even give you hand with repairs if you have something that isn't working correctly.  He provides pictures showing games he currently owns as well as games he owned in the past and a list of games he would like to own in the future.  Matt also has some nice looking Pinball pricing and instruction cards he's made illustrated by quality photos.

Zaccaria-Pinball  -  This is a nice site featuring information about Zaccaria Games from Bologna, Italy. But, you will find much, much, more at this site. You can view Pins and projects, reproduction artwork and backglasses, games for sale, games wanted, rulesheets, information about board repairs and so much more. There's also a "How To" section that shows info on rebuilding a slingshot, pop bumper, coin door, testing the switch matrix, driver board info and testing the power supply. Click on the "Misc. Technical Documents" link on the home page and get ready to learn even more on this well made site. As an example of just one detailed list of specifications is the common lamp info page. I could go on and on about the various info on this site, but any of the links on the home page will lead you to tons of info on this site. I even found info on rubber rings for a few EM games I have.


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